How To Get Drone License In Dubai?

Drones are becoming popular day by day. They’re increasingly being used for commercial and recreational applications. Drones, however, can jeopardize aircraft safety when they are flying near the airport. Those who live in Dubai and own a drone must register their unmanned aircraft with DCAA (Dubai Civil Aviation Authority). The fees for Getting a drone license in Dubai applications and renewal are the same and the registration usually takes about 9 days.

Drone operators must undergo security vetting. They should be at least 16 years old and should enroll in a drone operators course. Register owners will issue cards that can recognize by authorities and police. Red-color hobbyist cards are given to those who are flying drones for leisure. While blue-color commercial cards are issued to those who are flying drones for commercial purposes.

Users have to abide by the privacy and safety standards set by the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority). Drones use for recreational or personal purposes. It must fly within the line of your sight and within the boundaries of a licensed aviation club. GCAA prohibits operating drones near residential restricted and populated areas as well as airports.

Drone businesses are quickly becoming a lucrative option for many investors and entrepreneurs. If you’re planning to go for a drone business setup in Dubai, you must get a NOC (No-Objection Certificate) from DCAA. You can get the permit after registering and getting pre-assessment and approval from the right authority.

Here’s How You Can Get Dubai Drone License?

If you’re planning to set up a drone business in Dubai, getting a drone license is a must. Below are some steps on how you can apply for a drone license in Dubai:

  • Register on the official DCAA website and apply for the service called “Issuing No Objection Certificate for Aerial Work.”
  • Provide your contact details and the date, time, and coordinates of your drone flight.
  • Depending on your drone flight’s commercial activity, you may need to submit a copy of approval from the right authority. If you are using your drone for filming, you’d have to get a copy of approval from DFTC. That would, in turn, get approval from the Ministry of Defence. The fees depend on the filming location.
  •  You have to pay additional online fees to DCAA. Processing time is 5 working days.
  • Once you receive your drone permit in Dubai, you can then start flying your drone commercially or do aerial filming too.

Even if you have a permit, you should still obey privacy laws and never take photos or videos of people without permission.
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