Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai UAE

To entice the foreign investors for starting their own businesses easily in Dubai or around the UAE, the concept of free zone company formation in Dubai UAE has come into existence. Free zone authority in UAE is the governmental body which takes care of the complete process to let one setup a company in Dubai free zone. The reason behind the popularity of Dubai as a global city of business is the huge incentives and tax regime to the foreign investors upon setting up their business in free zones.

Business Link UAE - Best Business Consultant for Free Zone Company Formation

Do you want to have a free zone company in Dubai UAE? Do you want a low-cost business setup in Dubai? Do you want a quick business license from the UAE government? If your answer is yes, we at Business Link is the right place to bring your dream business come true in no time. We have a team of professional business consultants in Dubai having 10+ years of experience of providing complete support to those who want to get the ball rolling on their own free zone companies easily like never before. Before you go for the business setup Dubai free zone, have a look at various insights associated with Dubai free zone companies.

What is Free Zone Company?

As the name depicts the meaning, free zones are the free trade zones or areas where the foreign investors set up their businesses effortlessly at flank speed. This concept has played a very important role to make Dubai as the business hub internationally.

The company formation in Dubai free zones comes up with ‘N’ number of benefits including easy setup, tax regime, complete support and assistance, lucrative incentives, trading at custom rates, 100% ownership, and a lot more. Every coin has two sides. Just like that there are certain limitations for free zone companies in Dubai.

Let’s dive deep into various aspects of free zones in Dubai UAE

Before diving into the process of starting a free zone business in Dubai UAE, let’s see how many types of companies you can set up in Dubai free zone.

Types of Dubai free zone company

Basically, one can start two types of free zone companies either free zone establishment (FZE) and another is free zone company (FZCO). In general, companies under the free zones are limited liability companies (LLLC). There is a minor difference between FZE and FZCO which is as under:

1- Free Zone Establishment (FZE):
Company registered with one individual or corporate shareholder.

2- Free Zone Company (FZCO):
Company registered with two or more shareholders which can be either individuals or companies

3 -Branch Office:
This type of companies can be established according to different rules and regulations of various free zones.

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