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    Are you planning to do a Free zone company setup in Dubai, UAE? Do you want a low-cost business setup in Dubai? Looking for a quick Free zone license? If your answer is yes, we at Business Link are the right place to bring your dream business come true in no time. We have a team of professional business consultants in Dubai having 10+ years of experience in providing complete support to those who want to get the ball rolling on their own free zone companies easily like never before. Before you go for registering a business in Dubai Freezone, have a look at various insights associated with Dubai free zone companies.

    Free Zone Company Setup in UAE

    To entice foreign investors for starting their own businesses easily in Dubai or around the UAE, the concept of a free zone company setup in the UAE has come into existence. Free zone authority in UAE is the governmental body that takes care of the complete process of free zone business setup in Dubai.

    The reason behind the popularity of  Dubai growing into a competitive business center of the world, it has been a magnet for startups as well as established businesses looking for a tax-free zone to set up their business. The people of Dubai enjoy tax-free income since it is tax-free on personal income and tax-free on profits.

    Types of Free Zone Company in UAE

    Basically, one can start two types of free zone companies either free zone establishment (FZE) and another is free zone company (FZCO). In general, companies under the free zones are limited liability companies (LLC). There is a minor difference between FZE and FZCO which is as under:

    • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

    Company registered with one individual or corporate shareholder.

    • Free Zone Company (FZCO)

    Company registered with two or more shareholders which can be either individuals or companies

    • Branch Office

    This type of company can be established according to different rules and regulations of various free zones.

    Dubai Free Zones

    As Dubai is the home for new business enterprises, Dubai free zones are the most demanded freezones in the UAE. Start your business now.

    Sharjah Free Zones

    Looking for Company Formation in one of the Sharjah free zones? We can provide you the best services ever at the very cheapest cost and fast delivery.

    Abu Dhabi Free Zones

    Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi free zones is a smarter option. At Business Link , you will get complete support to start a company efficiently.

    Ajman Free Zones

    This is the best-priced Freezone in UAE that concentrates more on trading and industrial license. Contact us for getting the ajman free zone company registration or license immediately

    RAK Free Zones

    If you are looking for cost-effective, trouble free and environment friendly free zone, then you can choose RAK free zones for new company setup.

    Fujairah Free Zones

    Creating a company in any of the Fujairah free zones will be an easier process with easy access to all Arabian Gulf ports. Contact us for more details.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Free Zone Company?

    As the name depicts the meaning, free zones are the free trade zones or areas where the foreign investors set up their businesses effortlessly at flank speed. This concept has played a very important role to make Dubai as the business hub internationally.

    The company formation in Dubai free zones comes up with ‘N’ number of benefits. Including easy setup, tax regime, complete support and assistance, lucrative incentives, trading at custom rates, 100% ownership, and a lot more. Every coin has two sides. Just like that, there are certain limitations for free zone companies in Dubai.

    Let’s dive deep into various aspects of free zones in Dubai UAE

    Before diving into the process of registering a free zone business in Dubai UAE. Let’s see how many types of companies you can set up in Dubai free zone.

    What is the cheapest freezone in UAE?

    We at Business Link UAE have years of experience working as a business consultant in Dubai. We provide support to our client-base to start their business in any free zone of UAE.

    There are 30+ free zones operating in the entire UAE. It means that every emirate of UAE consists of its own free zones with different rules and regulations along with ‘N’ number of facilities and incentives to set up businesses.

    In the end, everyone wants to opt for that free zone which offers the best facilities at the minimum cost. So, as per our many years of experience, we can say that if you are just planning for a free zone company setup for the first time, it’s recommended to choose free zones in Dubai south or outside of Dubai i.e Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, RAK, Fujairah.

    The free zones at the above-mentioned emirates offer the best packages along with very nice incentives, facilities, etc for easy setup of your company.

    Let’s take an example, at UAQFZ (i.e. Umm al Quwain), it is possible to keep your overheads as low as possible as this free zone doesn’t provide physical offices. Moreover, yearly maintenance charges are lower than other free zones in the UAE.

    Additionally, Ajman media city also offers feasible packages along with ‘N’ number facilities which you can’t get from other free zones.

    How can you start a business in free zone UAE?

    Starting a free zone company in UAE is an easy and fast process as compared to a mainland business setup. Free zone authorities are responsible for the entire process required to bring your dream free zone company into existence.

    Below are the key steps that one needs to pass through for setting up a business in any free zone of UAE:

    1. Choose the type of legal entity
    2. Opt for the trade name
    3. Application for the business license
    4. Acquire adequate office space
    5. Pre-approvals, business registration, and acquiring license license

    Can a free zone company in UAE do business outside free zone?

    According to the law, no free zone company is allowed to undertake any trading activities outside the free zone. In case, if any free zone business has acquired the essential licenses and documentations from DED i.e. Development of Economic Department, then it is allowed to do so. Violation of any rule may result in the penalty of AED 100,000

    Free zone companies can also get connected with the distributors having valid DED licenses and can do business with the mainland companies by keeping distributors as a mediator.

    Apart from this, free zone companies have one more option to do business with the mainland companies through civil work company or LLC.

    What are the benefits of free zone company formation in UAE?

    Let’s look at perks of company formation in free zone business setup:

    • 100% ownership in the hand of foreign investors
    • No requirement of local sponsors or local service providers
    • 100% right on the capital & profit deriving from free zone business
    • No need to pay any corporate tax
    • Viable import & export duties
    • Single window clearance for admin services
    • Quick setup and licensing process
    • No quick alteration in-laws and regulations
    • Remarkable functionalities
    • Perfect communication sources
    • Cheapest Company Formation
    • Liberal labor laws
    • No need to spend on infrastructure
    • Outstanding business support services
    • Convenient working environment

    Different free zones have their own rules, regulations, and advantages. So, the above list is not the end. One may find some more advantages at the specific free zone which might not be offered by other free zones.