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The most reliable free zone company setup cost which is a great option for investors. Dubai’s business laws are extremely transparent and well planned. Whether you want to set up a company in the Mainland area or one of Dubai’s fully developed free zone, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. However, choosing the latter option has its own advantages. It is simple to opt for Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai as it requires minimum paperwork, and time and is much more affordable than the mainland option. However, free zones do not allow businesses to participate in local markets.

The key steps for Free Zone Formation in Dubai.

  1. Opting for the right company formation.
  2. Select an appropriate trade name.
  3. Based on it, one then needs to apply for a trade license.
  4. Renting an office space within the selected jurisdiction.
  5. Payment of fees and further approvals.

Free zone company formation in Dubai is available in two flavors:

  1. Limited Liability Company or FZ LLC.
  2. Free Zone Establishment or FZE.

One of the important differences between the above two is the number of shareholders it allows. Moreover, certain free zone jurisdictions may provide just one option for company formation. Entrepreneurs need to ascertain this fact before assigning someone for this task.

Mentioned below is the cost of the free zone:

Free Zone Business Setup Pricing Breakup Amount
Free zone (FZ) company formation Starting from AED 13000
Rental cost Included FZ company formation
Smart desk Included FZ company formation
Office units Included FZ company formation
Permanent office / Warehouse Included FZ company formation
Dubai free zone license cost Included FZ company formation
Share capital requirements Included FZ company formation
Free zone visa fees AED 5000 to 7500
Bank guarantee for free zone Included FZ company formation
Please note:

All government charges are based on actual, and therefore may vary from time to time. Moreover, other additional fees may be applicable depending on the client’s requirements.

Dubai free zone company setup cost starts from AED 13000 which is a one-time cost paid to the free zone authority during the early formation. The fees may vary depending on the type of firm that is being set up – FZ LLC or FZE.

The free zone license fee, which is already included in the package is a yearly charge paid to free zone jurisdictions. This cost is applicable to trading, services, and industrial companies. Incidentally, this is a single-window process.

The UAE free zone company setup cost also includes rent which is bundled with FZC registration and one of the first expenditures that entrepreneurs incur while setting up a company. However, it does provide 100% ownership of assets and liabilities. There are three options to rent an office in the free zone – monthly, yearly, or long-term lease. While some jurisdictions are really cheap in terms of fees and rent there are others that are a little more expensive.

A rented place also defines the activities that will be carried out and also the number of visas that can be fetched.

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