FIFA World Cup 2022: UAE to Provide Multiple Entry Visa

Thursday, 27th October 2022 – FIFA World Cup – an international men’s football competition is a much-awaited global event. Taking place every four years since the 1930s, it has been hosted in 17 countries so far. Qatar will be the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will take place from the 20th of November to the 18th of December. The UAE, one of Qatar’s neighbors will offer multiple-entry visa for World Cup fans. 

Tournaments will take place across Qatar, however other GCC nations like the UAE and KSA are gearing up in the days leading to the games by buying tickets, finding hotels, and booking flight tickets. 70% of soccer fans in the UAE and KSA believe that the World Cup in Qatar will have a good effect on the local economy. It will also increase awareness of the region and the culture. UAE fans feel this way more strongly than Saudi supporters. 

How is the UAE getting ready? 

The UAE and Saudi Arabia, two of Qatar’s neighbors, will grant World Cup ticket holders multiple-entry visa in an effort to draw more soccer fans. The Hayya Card is a required document for all tourists visiting the UAE between November 1, 2022, and January 23, 2023. Visitors will be able to enter the nation several times over the course of 90 days.

The UAE multiple-entry tourist visa for Qatar World Cup 2022 is valid for 90 days and can be prolonged for a further 90 days.

During the FIFA World Cup, each person is only required to have one Hayya Card. But Hayya Card holders can invite three non-ticketed spectators to join them. Only approved Hayya Card holders who applied using a FIFA World Cup ticket number are eligible to use the “Hayya with Me (1+3)” feature. The cardholders must be at least 18 years old. 

Holders of the Hayya Card have a number of advantages, including free public transportation on match days.

Additionally, Flydubai, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, and Etihad all offer daily flights between the UAE and Qatar to ease travel. Daily shuttle flights are provided from Dubai World Central to Doha International Airport by Flydubai. Visitors can take the flight to watch the match and come back to Dubai by the end of the game. 

Why it’s better for visitors to stay in the UAE during the World Cup? 

Due to Qatar’s extremely high-prices, living in the UAE would be a greater option. Additionally, UAE, especially Dubai is a global tourism hub so visitors living here would get extra perks like shopping, tourism, and even business. 

For entrepreneurs, business owners, and foreign investors, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore the UAE market in terms of investments. For entrepreneurs alike, as Dubai has become the global incubator for business startups, there can’t be a better opportunity for business setup in Dubai. In addition, for investors who are looking to invest in UAE’s thriving economy, this is an excellent platform for you to prospect the market you seek interest in and apply for a Dubai investor visa. 

With a multiple-entry visa in the UAE, you can visit frequently for up to 90 days to complete your company formation processes and explore the market, too. However, if are unavailable to do, make use of PRO services and business setup consultancies who can guide you best to set up your business in Dubai. 

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