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FAQs for Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Business Setup in Saudi Arabia, one of the largest business hub among GCC countries, is the best option to grow your business power or enhance your business. And you all may be confused about the procedures and the steps for business setup in Saudi Arabia –  SAGIA. So many question may disturb you if you start to plan for it. Here is the solution for this. Go through the frequently asked questions for business setup in KSA.

How to start business in KSA - SAGIA/MISA?

You can establish your branch company in SAGIA/MISA if you already have an established existing company or Sole Establishment which is not less than one year old.

What will be the legal type of my company?

The legal type of the company is of your choice and it can be of any existing legal form, it is to be reiterated that the setup procedure and the requirement of the Services Providers Establishments is more straightforward and easier comparing to the Trading activity.

What if my business will be into trade or consultations activity?

Consultancy Activity: – Even though the consultancy activities have been specially designated for Saudi nationals, there are some other activities similar to consultations that will be offered to non-Saudi nationals to perform their intended consultancy activity.

Trading Activity: – With regard to the trading activity, the corporate regulations in Saudi necessitate the business owners to show their proof of capital of 30 million in one of the Saudi banks and it can be utilized in trading. Also the regulation necessitates providing three (existing) branch licenses from three different regions.

Can I start my business in KSA – SAGIA/MISA 100% owning ship?

Yes you can start your business as a branch of your current company with 100% owning ship and no Saudi national sponsorship required.

Do I need Saudi national to start my business in KSA – SAGIA/MISA?

No you don’t need Saudi national to start your business in KSA if you will open a branch of your current company which is located in any part of the world.

What activity I can start in KSA – SAGIA/MISA?

The easy process activity you can start in KSA if it’s a service providing company.

How to start trading activity in KSA – SAGIA/MISA?

To start trading activity in SAGIA you must have 3 region licenses of your company and you have to deposit 30 million SRA in one of the Saudi banks once your branch company license issued.

Can I start new company in KSA?

Yes you can if you can afford the GOLDEN INVESTOR VISA which cost you 100,000 RSA yearly, after you get the license you can start fresh company in KSA.

What is the capital required for business setup in Saudi Arabia – SAGIA/MISA?

You can start your business from 10,000 RSA and it’s not a must to deposit in the bank.

What is the minimum capital to do business setup in Saudi Arabia – SAGIA/MISA?

You can start your business from 10,000 RSA if you are GCC national OR Saudi national.

What is the best business consultant in KSA to assist me start-up my business?

Business link documents clearing have more than 23 years of experience with highly qualified and experienced team who have full understanding of business investors needs and good knowledge about the best way to start there business with affordable cost.

How to get a visa in KSA – SAGIA/MISA?

You have two options: that is to have golden investor visa which cost 10,000 RSA yearly OR open a branch of your current company in SAGIA.

How long is take to get SAGIA/MISA approval?

It will take up to 10 to 15 working days to complete all the formalities from the day we receive all the required original document.

Can GCC OR UAE national start there business in KSA – SAGIA/MISA?

Yes all GCC / UAE national can open there business in KSA and act like Saudi national to run their business and get same benefits as them.

How much is the cost of business setup in KSA – SAGIA/MISA?

The actual cost of the first-year is 12,000 RSA plus chamber of commerce certificate license cost 7000 RSA plus documents attestation of the parent company.

No Capital is required, subject to company activities

Can my company be a partner with Saudi investor?

Yes, it can be a limited liability company with Saudi individual or corporate shareholder.

What are the documents required for business setup in Saudi Arabia – SAGIA/MISA?

You will need to provide below attested documents in order to get initial approval to start your business in KSA.

Attestation of all company documents

  • Company license
  • Memorandum of association
  • One year audit report
  • NOC if FZ company
  • Appointed manager passport copy and visa
  • Provide starting capital to be mentioned in MOA
  • Provide activities to be mentioned in MOA
  • Provide manager power
  • Provide office address – warehouse location, size and facilities
  • Power of attorney to business link team to do the formalities on your behalf
  • All documents must be attested in MOFA – KSA consulate

Draft of POA / BOARD OF DIRECTORS will be provided to client after service agreement signed and advance paid

What other Expenses I have to consider?

For branch of foreign company, they have to register in VAT once the turnover reach the limit of 37500 /-SAR payable every quarter of the year.

ZAKAT – must be payed end of the year after providing audit report and its 20% of company net profit

Social insurance must be paid monthly 20% of total salary of KSA national – 6% of foreign employee salary. Monthly OR yearly benefit as per company policy.

What will be the estimated time to complete the licensing process – Residence visa process?

After receiving all documents, it will take 10 to 15 working days to get the license. After license issued it will take 10 to 15 working days to get the residence visa on passport.

What about the resident visas system in KSA?

With regards to the manager visa it can be processed once the company registration completed, for more employment visas you must first hire KSA national as first employee and for each one you can hire 4 from other nationalities.

We provide active OR non-active KSA national employees. The Employment visa valid for one year, cost SAR 12,000. We assist in all type of visas including family and helpers.

What about if our company want to do trading and can’t provide legal requirements?

  • We provide GCC entity owned by UAE local 100% for sponsorship fee and investment agreement with owner / manager whom will have full power after establishing the company.
  • If you have your own GCC local and want us to do the formalities of establishing the company, we do the services for you.
  • Manager will only have the access and power to manage the bank account after he stamp his resident visa on company sponsorship.

Can I start manufacturing license in KSA – SAGIA?

Yes, you can if you meet the requirements of KSA municipality, ministry of economic and civil defiance.

Do I have to hire Saudi national in my company in KSA – SAGIA?

Yes 20% of your hiring must be Saudi national.

What is the ZAKAT OR TAX in KSA?

Its 20 % of your net profit you have to pay every year after providing audit report of your yearly financial statement and book keeping.

What is the best city to do business setup in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh city is the capital of KSA providing best services to all investors to easily start there business in few days.

At Business Link UAE, we are providing complete guidance for business setup in Saudi Arabia without any delay. You can get a free consultation from our consultants that gives you a clear understanding about the procedures and cost of setting up a company. Please feel free to contact us. Grow your business with BUSINESS LINK.

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