FAL License in Saudi Arabia: What You Need To Know

FAL License in Saudi Arabia

Many real estate researchers and professionals in the real estate sector heavily rely on real estate marketing platforms and social media as well to showcase their properties or search for properties that meet their needs. Due to the digital transformation taking place in Saudi Arabia and its pursuit, there has been a decrease in reliance on traditional marketing methods and a shift towards electronic marketing as a primary means of marketing for individuals and entities operating in the real estate sector and other sectors.

What is a FAL License in KSA?

Fal is a license granted by the Saudi Real Estate General Authority to individuals and enterprises concerned with brokerage activities and real estate services in Saudi Arabia. In contrast, the Fal Real Estate Licence is granted to those engaged in activities that fall under the brokerage and real estate services system.

Fal’s License in Saudi Arabia consists of five practitioner’s licenses and a sixth real estate advertising license, as follows:

1. FAL Real Estate Brokerage and Marketing Licence: FAL Real Estate Brokerage and Marketing Licence enables the activities of mediating the completion of any real estate transaction between the parties in exchange for a commission, for individuals and companies in Saudi Arabia, as well as the marketing of the property through advertising or direct marketing in offices, exhibitions, and others.

2. FAL Property Management Licence: The Fal Property Management Licence in Saudi Arabia is a private enterprise license that enables the firm to manage the financial and administrative affairs of any property in the Kingdom on behalf of others.

There is also a FAL Facility Management Licence, which is a facility license authorizing the facility to administer the technical affairs of any property in Saudi Arabia on behalf of others. Fal’s license to administer and organize auctions, which are specific to enterprises, is a license that enables the enterprise to perform real estate sales at public auctions, including electronic real estate auctions in Saudi Arabia.

3. FAL Real Estate Consulting and Analysis Licence: The FAL Real Estate Consulting and Analysis Licence enables enterprises and individuals to provide analysis, real estate consulting, and opinions related to the real estate sector to the public through any media or beneficiary.

4. FAL Real Estate Advertising License: The FAL Real Estate Advertising License in Saudi Arabia provided to advertise real estate regardless of the actual practitioner’s license, It is a license granted to publish visual, audiovisual, and electronic advertising regarding real estate for disposal of the property, whether through television, radio, roads, print newspapers, electronic platforms, social media, and other means.

Steps to Obtain FAL License

1. Go to the official website of the General Real Estate Authority and go to “Electronic Services of the General Real Estate Authority.”

2. Create a new account and choose the role of “individual broker” or “established broker.”

3. Fill in the required information, such as your national ID number and date of birth. 

4. Fill in the required information, including your mobile number, national address, and password, and agree to the terms and conditions.

5. Check the Verification eligibility,  then enter the verification code sent to the registered mobile number

6. Click on fal license for brokerage and marketing, then confirm the license issuance

7. Your Fal license will be issued

License Issuance Fees

Personnel: SAR 300 / Year

Facilities: SAR 1,000 / Year