Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Business Location in UAE

Setting up a new business in the UAE can be very exciting. However, you must know that it may come with its own challenges. When you plan to open a business in the UAE, you will need to consider numerous factors with the location being one of the most prominent ones.

UAE is a flourishing region; it can bring a wide range of opportunities for your growth. Over the years, various companies have shut down because of poor location choices. Therefore, once you plan for a business setup in Dubai, you need to know which place to choose.

How to Choose the Best Location in UAE

UAE is one of those regions that has numerous places for starting your business. While most of them are tax-free zones, it is necessary to understand which one would cater to your needs.

Your business location can have a huge role to play in driving growth for your business. However, starting a business is not an easy task especially when it comes to choosing the location.

Some of the common factors to consider while choosing the best business location in the UAE are:

Regional Demographics

You should never start a business in any corner of the world until and unless you’re familiar with the regional demographics. Therefore, you must first identify the regional demographics and proceed with your decision.

When you plan to do the business setup in UAE, you will have some options in mind. Therefore, in such a situation make sure that you’re studying the demographics of each region. You must identify the chances of opportunities for business growth in this region.

Some of the important demographics to consider include age, gender, income level of the people, ethnicity, and education. Studying these demographics will help you understand whether you can establish a strong customer base in this region or not. If not, you should consider moving to some other destination.

Business Setup Process

No matter where you want to establish your business you must get the ease of starting the business. This will help you understand the time and amount you may need to spend for business setup.

UAE is a diverse region where there are lots of business locations with various businesses. However, it is necessary to note that not all these locations would be the convenient choice for business setup in the UAE.

Therefore, it is advisable that you do some research and choose a location where it is easy and seamless to start a business in the UAE.


Starting a new business can be very expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to consider and plan the budget accordingly. When choosing the best business location in the UAE, you will need to consider all the budget factors.

Some of the important cost factors to take into consideration include rental cost, setup cost, and minimum capital required to set up business in that region. Based on your budget, you can consider establishing your business in the free zone or mainland.

Furthermore, the taxes and income will also vary from place to place and it is advisable that you take these factors into consideration as well. Therefore, know where you’re establishing your business and what type – these are basic details that will play an important role in helping you make the right choice.

Apart from these, you must also consider the other location-based expenses such as vehicle permits, grants, and more.

Level of Competition

The best business location is where the competition is less. It is advisable to choose a location that not only allows the seamless growth of your business but also makes you prone to less competition.

You should set up your business in a location where there are enough people to purchase your products or goods. That is if you want the maximum market shares a strategic business location can help to drive maximum business.

If you set up a business where you have a lot of competition, it can hamper your business. Furthermore, you may not be able to drive profit. It will also prevent you from creating a large audience.

Accessibility, Logistics, and Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the place is an extremely important factor to consider. The best business location is one that can be easily accessible from almost all the locations. This ensures that the customers and employees can travel to your business location conveniently.

If your business is involved in export and import, you should choose a business location that is close to the airport, seaport, or major highways. As a business, you must also check what business warehousing facilities are available nearby.

When you set up a business in the UAE, the lower warehousing cost can bring significant benefits. This helps to ensure that your business is able to ship, track and trace all the products for logistical services.

In a modern-day business, infrastructure is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a business location that can cater to the needs. As a business, you must choose a location that has all the modern-day amenities. The presence of technologically advanced architecture can allow the seamless growth of business in no time.

Growth Opportunities

No matter where you set up your business, you should always check the business opportunities that are available. As a business, you should choose a vibrant location with numerous growth opportunities.

If you plan to expand your business in the future, the location that you choose can make all the difference. Therefore, analyze what the growth opportunities are in the region. Based on that, you can decide whether you want to establish your business there or not.

The best business location can have a huge role in the growth of your business. If you’re just starting out, the location will help you boom in the long run. Therefore establishing the business in the right location can bring in a wide range of opportunities. If you are confused, business setup consultants such as Business Link UAE can help you in the process. Consult for more information.