Ejari or Tenancy Contract for Dubai License Renewal/Business Setup


What is Ejari in Dubai?

Initiated by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency), Ejari is an online registration system. At this portal, RERA needs all Dubai rental |lease contracts records at this portal. The main aim of this system is to legalize the otherwise unpleasant relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai. Ejari helps to put an end to malpractices in the rental sector by making the whole procedure completely transparent, for all of the stakeholders. Tenancy contracts, which are not registered at Ejari, get no protection by any of the regulatory authorities in Dubai. We provide an Ejari tenancy contract for Dubai license renewal as well as new company formation in UAE with cost-effective options.

Benefits of the Ejari System in Dubai:

Ejari serves its best in building and maintaining a trusted and reputed regulatory community environment for the real estate industry in Dubai. This system is benefiting both landlords and tenants with the help of complete transparency. There are various industry benefits of this system including:

  • You can access official and updated information on all leased properties in Dubai easily.
  • This system is a means of creating legalized tenancy contracts that are accompanied by standard-issue rent receipts.
  • With this system, you get the ability to safeguard the rights of landlords and tenants by maintaining tenancy contract details.
  • Also, this system provides full audit ability of transactions in case of any kind of dispute.

Both the ends of a rental contract are uniformly serving with Ejari. To offer complete protection to landlords and management companies. As well as their tenants, regarding the various terms of each rental contract. This solution also helps in establishing clear payment terms for the protection of the interests of all parties when advance rental payments are made.

Tenancy Contract for License Renewal in Dubai – Guide to Renew Dubai Company License

Consider the below-mentioned list of all the documents requires for the purpose of license renewal in Dubai:

  • A typed BR/1 form
  • A photocopy of the Tenancy Contract and Ejari Registration Certificate
  • Photocopy of the current business trade license
  • Passport photocopies of all the business partners

Every year, all the organizations need to renew their trading license in Dubai as per the rules of the department and to remain legitimate. Our team at Business Link UAE assists to renew existing company licenses and new company registration in Dubai as well.

Also, these are the steps you need to follow for Dubai License Renewal:

Step 1: Get a valid tenancy contract in Dubai: The very first thing you require to ensure is that the tenancy contract of your firm should have a validity of at least 3 months. In addition, it must attest by Ejari. If your tenancy contract does not have 3-month validity, the associated license cannot be applied for renewal.

Step 2: Applying for a renewal license: You need to apply for license renewal at the DED Dubai, along with all the needed documents. You can apply for renewal with the help of various mediums like e-Services, mobile applications, authorized law firms like us, and authorized service centers.

Step 3: Payment: After the submission of the application, the DED will allow a payment voucher. After receiving this voucher, you need to proceed to the payment procedure. Immediately after making the payment, you will get your renewed license from the channel.

Apart from this, we are always here at Business Link UAE to handle all legal work for renewing your company license in Dubai. Our experts will take care of everything like applying for license renewal at DED. Getting the payment voucher submitting all the required documents to DED. In order to get the renewed license of your Dubai Company in no time. If you want to talk to our business consultant regarding the same, call us at +971 43215227 or email us at info@businesslinkuae.com.