Dubai Visa for Iranian Citizens

Dubai has emerged as one of the most favorable places to visit and conduct business for many people. The extent of Business opportunities and chances in the country has made it a good choice for immigration too. A combination of amiable government, a conducive environment for business, a prosperous economy that gives fair chance for tourism to grow has led to the development of a steady inflow of citizens from all over the world. Not staying behind, Iran has caught up with it and a lot of Iranians are now visiting the UAE. So, for visiting UAE  you require an Iranian Visa in Dubai.

Visiting a country does not happen in abstraction. There are a lot of documents that need to finish, the most important are the visa application, approval, and execution. If you are someone visiting the UAE from Iran, we have laid down the procedure for the same. Getting an Iranian Visa in Dubai cannot be easier than this:

Steps to get an Iranian Visa in Dubai

  1. It needs to first fill out the United Arab visa application form online If you are visiting the country as a tourist. These are easy to get built and can either be done personally or you can get the help of a travel agency or even some professional who will do the job for you at a nominal price.
  2. It is necessary to upload a scanned copy of your passport with the same. The passport must have an available validity of at least 6 months for it to be acceptable. The scanned copy must be clear and readable unless your visa application can be rejected on these grounds.
  3. For uploading, a passport size photo requires with white background.
  4. Valid (government recognized) proof of status and address needed. This proof or identification card must have your picture too which should fall in synchrony with the passport picture that you upload

Your visa either will send to you and also you can collect it on arrival. The process of getting a Dubai visa for Iranians may also require a few extra documents which vary from time to time and from person to person. Visa is denied and screened at any ground that the government of UAE may deem fit.

As you saw, the process of application and approval of visa does not have many a complex layer and can be easily handled on your own. The regulations and rules will be in check by the authorities.

Business Link can assist Iranian nationals to get a resident visa in Dubai in different sources if you are

  • If you are a businessman and you want to set up a business in Dubai
  • Holding an old Dubai Visa and you want to transfer
  • Visit visa and want to apply for DED security approval

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