Dubai Property Investor Visa

Complete Guide to Getting Property Investor Visa UAE

Investor visa is a direct ticket to the enchanting city for Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian people also. Now Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian nationalities are allowed to get Dubai residency by setting up a business in Dubai or investing in Dubai Property. At the very outset, one needs to understand that there are two types of property investor visa uae:

 Property Investor Visa UAE

So, what is a Dubai property visa? Dubai Land Department issue visa is valid for 3 years period. This is, of course, renewable every 3 yearly, and offers several advantages. The investor can fetch Emirates ID, obtain a driving license, and sponsor family members. One needs to understand that this kind of visa is expensive and there are Dubai property visa rules which need to have adhered to.

Here are some of the prerequisites for different types of property investor visas.

  • The land department issues the visa under the name that appears on the property deed.
  • Moreover, the property should in the freehold region of Dubai.
  • Considering the property under the name of spouse. However, proof in the form of a marriage certificate needs to be furnished.
  • The property investor visa is available only to those investors who have bought a residential property in Dubai and not in other emirates.

Six Month Residency Visa –

The immigration authority issues a six-month residency visa.  Mentioned below are some of the highlights and mandatory obligations.

  • As the name suggests this visa is valid only for 6 months.
  • An Investor grants multi-entry access to UAE.
  • A 6-month visa is available to those investors who purchase residential property in any of the seven Emirates.
  • The cost of obtaining this visa is comparatively cheaper.
How to Get a Residency Visa as a Dubai property owner?

Documents required for a Dubai property investor visa include relevant forms, fees, passport copies, and proofs. These are to be submitted to either Dubai Land Department or Immigration authority as the case may be.

The above procedure can be overwhelming and tiring for any ordinary citizen. This is where a good business consultant such as Business Link UAE can ease all your worries. Call or mail us and discover a smarter way of getting a property investor visa. We also provide services for a 6-month residency visa too.