Dubai Family Visa – Where & How to Get Residence Visa in UAE?

Working in Dubai or any of the emirates has its own set of advantages: high standard of living, good savings, progressive mindset, and corruption-free ambiance are just a few of them. However, all is not hunky-dory. Expatriates have to leave behind parents, spouses, kids, and close members in their home country. However, GCC member states have made appropriate provisions termed Dubai family visas or Dependent visas in UAE.

In case you are one of the expatriates who want to invite/settle down with a spouse, kid/s, and parents in Dubai or any other emirates then continue reading to know more about the UAE residence visa process.

At the very outset, you need to apply for their entry visa first, and once they arrive apply for a Dubai residence visa.

We are also here to assist you through the whole procedure for getting a Dubai residence visa for your family as we have more than 18 years of experience in visa processing and other legalization work in the UAE.

Dubai residence visa requirements to sponsor spouse/parents:

  • The minimum salary should be AED 4000.00 or AED 3000.00 with free accommodation for sponsoring spouse/kids.
  • Kids above 18 years are not entitled to sponsorship.
  • In case you plan to sponsor your parents then your salary should be AED 20,000.00.
  • A single parent is typically not allowed. You need to invite both your parents.
  • You should own a two-bed apartment in case you are planning to invite your parents to live with you.

How to Sponsor Spouse?

There are obligations/document requires for processing family visa in Dubai which you need to fulfill:

  • Duly filled application form.
  • Original passport of the sponsor.
  • Passport copy of spouse/kids along with the photo and attested marriage certificate (attested by the relevant ministry of the home country and subsequently stamped by the embassy). The certificate also needs to be cross-attested by the relevant ministry in the UAE as well. The same attestation rules apply to the birth certificate.
  • In the case of a parent’s sponsorship, it is mandatory to prove with an attestation that the sponsor is the sole provider and holds a legitimate relationship with both.
  • The sponsor must also provide a copy of the labor contract.
  • Salary certificate from the company.
  • Provide attested tenancy contract.
  • Three months of bank statement.
  • Emirates ID.

How to apply for a family visa in Dubai?

Step 1:

It is advisable to submit the documents through a renowned law firm such as Business Link UAE to obtain the dependent visa in Dubai as they are well versed with the local laws, proficient in Arabic language and culture, and generally have a good rapport with the government agencies and visa authorities. It simply means quick and error-free submission.

  • Documents need to submit along with a covering letter to GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai) requesting entry visa for spouse/kids/ parents. You need to mention your working contact number.
  • On approval, you have to visit the authorized typing center, complete the application form and pay the mandatory fees.
  • Submit the application form and related paperwork to DNRD.
  • At the address mentioned in the application form, the entry visa will send through the post within 48 hrs

Step 2:

Remember, you have 30 days post-arrival to get a Dubai residence visa.

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Residence Visa Renewal 2020 FAQs

Things have become traumatic for most nations nowadays. From lifestyle to business, everything is affected severely. In this time of uncertainty, people in the UAE have numerous questions in their minds related to their visas and the residence visa renewal. Business Link UAE, the best consultants for business setup in Dubai, UAE lists down the answers to the most asked questions in this blog here to save you from wandering here and there for the correct answer.

My visa validity expired in March. Is the deadline extend?

According to the UAE cabinet announcement on July 10, the validity of entry permits and visas extended until the end of December 2020 now cancel. And the identity card will be deemed invalid.

When can I get the documents renewed for my expired residence visa?

For people within the UAE, you can get the documents renewed in 3 months. For people outside the country will have one month from the date the land in the UAE for the renewal of documents.

Are there any more clauses for Dubai residence visa renewal?

Yes, people who need to renew their Dubai residence visas requires to undergo medical fitness tests. Other emirates do not need to undergo medical tests as of now.

My residence visa has expired already, but there are no flights so I cannot go back. What about me?

If your visa has expired in March or you are outside the country for more than 6 months, you will get a window to return to the country whenever the airspace resumes its functions. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) will be defining the time period for the same.

From when the applications will accept?

There is a window of 3 months, but you can apply for renewal as authorities have started accepting applications already.

Is any fines or fee associated with visa renewal?

Fees collection has been starting from July 12. And yes, there will be fines, except for the exemption period stated by the Cabinet.

Where do I need to go for a Visa renewal?

In the case of people looking for Dubai visa renewal, people need to go to Amer centers. In the case of other emirates, applicants need to visit a General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office nearby.

How to get documents to renew in this risk-prone time?

To avoid customer centers from crowding, authorities will be using electronic systems and offer an electronic identity card. Service departments should accept it.

Who needs a medical test?

For Dubai residence visa renewal, there needs to be a medical fitness test that will cost Dh320/person. Also, in case of a new visa application, the test will be done.

What are the other steps for Visa renewal?

Once your application submits, you will get an SMS notification from ICA, requesting you to renew your expired ID card. You need to visit an accredited typing center for application submission or do it online over the ICA website. Emirates ID renewal for 2 years costs Dh270 and 3 years costs Dh370.

What documents need to be submitted for visa renewal?

You need to submit a sponsor’s valid residency permit, clean medical fitness test report, insurance card (especially Abu Dhabi & Dubai), original receipt of registration with ICA, application form submitted online or from typing office, photo of sponsored & original passport.

Any difference for salaried or business people?

Yes, there is some difference in the case of documents that need to submit. In the case of private employees, the company needs to submit a copy of a valid firm card, trade license, labor card, and copy of renewal receipt for 60 years and above. A salary certificate requires in case you are sponsoring your family.

Source: Gulf News

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