How to get an ecommerce license in Dubai Commerce City?

What is Dubai Commerce City?

Dubai CommerCity Free Zone is a new eCommerce Centre of UAE. It’s a dedicated Free Zone for eCommerce companies that are structuring an ecosystem to sustain the growing eCommerce network in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

For new and ongoing enterprises, this free zone provides an each- by-one-commerce licensing mecca that offers customized company conformations, e-commerce rosters, and business results at the touch of the button. It’s designed to streamline the operation process and give the loftiest degree of personalized client care.

Dubai Commerce City or Dubai CommerCity is the best place to start your eCommerce business. The business sector has brought about state-of-the-art technology. This is further boosting employment opportunities in the business ecosystem. The business opportunities in the Middle East are rising.

Individuals considering an eCommerce business setup in Dubai can turn to Dubai CommerCity. The strategic location of the place has played an important role in fulfilling the business opportunities across this region. As a result, businesses can connect with the audience and deliver the best results.

The eCommerce sector is booming and it has played an important role in accessing everything. It will not be wrong to say that the future is eCommerce. Businesses are gradually shifting from the offline market to the online market. This is contributing to the growing popularity of the eCommerce sector.

Due to the large success of the eCommerce sector, Dubai’s e-commerce sector is also growing. The online sector is contributing to the success and they are able to target the maximum number of people through it. According to reports, the eCommerce sector is worth around 1 billion. Therefore, starting an online business will give you a wide range of opportunities.

e-commerce License in DCC

If you want to get an eCommerce license in Dubai, you need to follow all the rules and regulations. If you get in touch with professionals, attaining an eCommerce license will become pretty easy.

The laws in Dubai are very strict. Therefore, the authorities will not allow you to start your business if the paperwork isn’t done. The Department of Economic Development is responsible for providing e-commerce licenses in Dubai. Before starting any kind of business in Dubai, it is crucial to get a license. This will play an important role in conducting the business legally.

Why choose DCC for an e-commerce business setup in the UAE?

Comparatively, if you want to start your online business, no place can be better than CommerCity. Since it is attracting the attention of everyone, it will be valid to set up your business here.

Some of the common reasons for setting up your e-commerce Business in Dubai Commerce City include the following:

  • Fast and easy company registration procedure.
  • Centralized CRM solution to ensure a good customer experience.
  • All the tools for e-commerce business management are readily available.
  • Exclusive business support services are easily available. The crucial business support services include visa assistance, banking assistance, customs clearance, fast documentation, and more.
  • The e-commerce platforms are available to integrate different types of business solutions.

Types of eCommerce License in Dubai

The authorities in Dubai issue different kinds of licenses for e-commerce business functioning. Therefore, you have the flexibility to choose a license depending on your business activity and nationality.

  • Portal License

The non-UAE nationals can easily apply and get the portal license. With the help of a portal license, you will be able to start a business in the UAE that will link the sellers and buyers.

Portal license will be helpful for websites that sell services, products, and reservations. When you apply for a portal license, make sure to research the pricing. This is because the price of applying for a portal license will vary depending on the business needs.

Similar to the portal license, businesses wanting to sell their products online can apply for an e-trader license. The Department of Economic Development issues the e-trader license. This license can however be obtained only by GCC and UAE nationals.

Furthermore, you can get an e-trader license only if you have single ownership. With the help of an e-trader license, you cannot start a business that has physical shop requirements.

The Dubai economy launched the virtual company license program to promote businesses. It is necessary for non-residents of UAE and overseas investors. As a result, foreign residents can eventually take part in commercial activities around online business.

Unlike the other licenses, the virtual company license will limit you to only three sectors. The sectors around which you can do a business with a virtual company license include computer programming, advertising, and designing.

What clusters determine the success of individuals in Dubai Commerce City?

The clusters are meant to determine the success of online businesses in Dubai. The authorities have developed different facilities across clusters to ensure the success of the business.

These clusters include the following:

  • Logistics: This cluster has around 105 warehouses that are made with the help of the latest technologies.
  • Business: This is done to promote constant engagement across business sectors.
  • Social: The social cluster determines the success of businesses in the heart of Dubai CommerCity. Some of the components of the social cluster include art galleries, exhibition halls, and restaurants.

How to get an eCommerce license in Dubai?

Getting an eCommerce license is a very easy process. You need to apply to the respective authorities with all the crucial documents. The authorities will take around a week to issue the license. Once you have the license, you can conduct business in Dubai easily.

Here’s how you can get your e-commerce license in Dubai:

  • Choose the legal structure of your business. Individuals can choose from two types of business structures in the Dubai CommerCity such as branch office and limited liability.
  • Apply for the license at the Dubai CommerCity or Department of Development Authority.
  • Choose a trading name. However, make sure to follow all the rules while choosing a trading name in UAE. You should not offend any religion.
  • Submit your license application and the necessary fees.
  • The authority will offer you an initial approval certification.
  • Draft the Memorandum of Association and local service agent agreement.
  • Wait for the final approval.
  • Open a bank account to facilitate transactions.

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