Guide of Changing the Mobile Number on Emirates ID

If you want to set up a business quickly and efficiently, UAE is the perfect place to have so. The best part about setting up a company in Dubai is that you can launch your dream project in no time. However, individuals should know that often business setup in Dubai can be challenging. Emirates ID is a crucial identity card for all UAE residents and citizens. Many business owners are required to have a legal Emirates ID, especially if you’re a UAE resident. Before you launch your startup in the UAE, you need to update your card. The Federal authority will also identify the citizenship issues or any such factor through the Emirates ID. change mobile no in emirates id

Why do you need an Emirates ID?

Over the years, Emirates ID has become highly crucial for business owners and residents in the UAE. This is one of the ID cards that will provide not only security but also accuracy. It will feature various components such as public key infrastructure, biometric and more.

Individuals seeking an Emirates ID card need to apply for the same. As per the ICA, the users can eventually upload their details and make any changes in the information as per the given report. However, you will also have to complete the two-step verification process to get Emirates ID. Many people often have issues with Emirates ID, especially when it is connected to a number. As a result, you can consider changing it.

However, before jumping to understand how to change your number in Emirates ID, you need to know why you need one.

Some of the key reasons why you may need an Emirates ID, in the long run, include the following:

  • With the help of Emirates ID, you will have the flexibility to vote in elections.
  • You can travel within GCC.
  • When you have an Emirates ID, you can accomplish various services from the government.
  • You can easily pass through the smart gates and immigration if you have an Emirates ID.
  • You can enjoy various governmental processes.

Why is the phone number linked to the Emirates ID?

In the UAE, as per the government’s rules, every Emirates ID needs to be linked to the owner’s phone number. This is usually done to ensure there is no data tampering. Furthermore, it is through this linkage that companies can consider safety features.

If your number is not linked to the Emirates ID, you won’t be able to access the government services. Therefore, if there is a wrong number connected to the system, you should consider changing it as soon as you can.

What’s better about linking the phone number to Emirates ID is that you can check updates. If you want to enjoy any services, you will only be able to access them if you enter OTP that will come in the registered number.

Why is there a wrong mobile number linked to your Emirates ID?

Whenever you’re filling the application for Emirates ID, you need to enter a valid number and can be connected to the ID. However, in many cases, it may often be that the applicants will provide another number. While this may be efficient for them, it may also cause a lot of problems in the long run.

Therefore, when you provide a mobile number in your Emirates ID form, you should provide a valid number. This will help to ease the process of identification. Read further to understand how you can change a mobile number.

How to change the mobile number in your Emirates ID via the website?

If you want to change the mobile number associated with your Emirates ID can be changed via the website. Here’s how you can do it.

  • You need to visit the official website of ICA (Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship).
  • Click on the drop-down service and select “smart services.”
  • You will come across another drop-down where you can click on Start Service under Other services- update personal information.
  • On the first page, you will need to fill the form. You will need to enter all valid details.
  • After providing this information, you can move to the next step.
  • You should enter details about file type and file number. Eventually, you will get the benefit to understand the residence from the file number.
  • Under the file number section, there will be subsections. You should analyze the file and eventually choose one.
  • The residents of Dubai should file for section number 3. However, the ones outside of Emirates can choose section 4.
  • After entering the details, you will need to visit another page.
  • You should enter all the required details, and you will receive an option to enter a mobile number.
  • Enter the new mobile number. You will receive the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP as confirmation.
  • Enter the address information and also insert the captcha given in the box.
  • You will be drawn to the review page, where you can check if all the details are accurate. Furthermore, on the review page, you can also edit the information.
  • After reviewing and correcting the information, you will need to make the payment in the next step. Make sure to pay the charges so that you can change the mobile number.

After making the payment, you will receive an email or message verification. Furthermore, you will also be liable for receiving a payment slip. You should wait for two to seven working days to receive updates on your new number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I update any personal information on the Emirates ID?

As per the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship rules, you should consider updating all personal information. Furthermore, the individuals can also visit the ICA customer happiness center to get the original passport and Emirates ID. As a result, you can physically update the information.

  • Can I change my mobile number on Emirates ID personally?

Yes. However, you should have all the valid documents such as a passport copy, Emirates ID, and visa. You can either visit the ICA center or change the information through a mobile app or website.

How can Business Link UAE assist you?

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