Business Setup Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector in KSA



The global transition towards renewable energy sources has gained significant momentum in recent years, driven by the urgent need to combat climate change and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Saudi Arabia, as a leading oil producer, is recognizing the potential of renewable energy and has embarked on an ambitious journey to diversify its energy mix. This shift not only aligns with the nation’s commitment to sustainability but also creates a plethora of exciting business setup opportunities. 

Business Link helps you explore the thriving renewable energy sector in Saudi Arabia and shed light on the prospects it presents for new businesses.

  • Renewable Potential

The country’s abundant solar and wind resources possess tremendous potential for renewable energy generation. The nation’s Vision 2030 initiative, launched in 2016, sets forth ambitious goals to increase the share of renewable energy in its energy mix. 

The plan aims to achieve a capacity of 58.7 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy by 2030, including 40 GW from solar and 16 GW from wind energy sources. These targets underline the government’s commitment to transforming Saudi Arabia into a global hub for renewable energy investment and development.

  • Investment and Financial Incentives

To attract investment and facilitate the growth of the renewable energy sector, the Saudi government has implemented several favorable policies and financial incentives. The Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO) plays a pivotal role in driving the industry’s growth by overseeing project tenders and supporting developers. Additionally, initiatives such as long-term power purchase agreements, streamlined regulations, and tax exemptions have created a conducive environment for businesses to thrive in the renewable energy sector.

  • Solar Energy

Saudi Arabia boasts abundant sunlight throughout the year, making solar energy a highly promising sector for business setup in Saudi Arabia. The country’s vast desert landscapes and large-scale solar projects, such as the Mohammed bin Salman project, offer immense potential for investors, entrepreneurs, and developers. With decreasing solar panel costs and advancements in technology, businesses can tap into utility-scale solar projects, rooftop solar installations, solar panel manufacturing, and solar component supply chains. These ventures can not only contribute to the nation’s clean energy goals but also yield substantial financial returns.

  • Wind Energy

In addition to solar energy, wind power presents a lucrative business setup opportunity in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom has identified several regions with high wind potentials, such as the Red Sea coast and the Empty Quarter. Expanding wind farms, such as the Dumat Al-Jandal project, exemplify the nation’s commitment to harnessing wind power. Businesses can explore wind turbine manufacturing, wind farm development, operation, and maintenance, as well as innovative solutions in storage and grid integration. The continuous advancements in wind turbine technology further enhance the feasibility and profitability of such ventures.

  • Job Creation and Economic Growth

The growth of the renewable energy sector in Saudi Arabia is not only about environmental sustainability but also about economic diversification and job creation. The transition to renewable energy is expected to create a significant number of direct and indirect job opportunities across various sectors, such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, and research and development. This shift will contribute to the nation’s efforts to reduce unemployment and develop a skilled workforce for the future.


As Saudi Arabia strives to become a global leader in renewable energy, the business setup opportunities in this sector are immense. The ambitious targets, favorable policies, and financial incentives provided by the government, coupled with the country’s abundant solar and wind resources, create an attractive environment for businesses to invest in and capitalize on the renewable energy sector. 

By seizing these opportunities, companies can not only contribute to a sustainable future but also benefit from significant financial returns and participate in the growth of a rapidly evolving industry. 

The renewable energy revolution in Saudi Arabia is well underway, and now is the time for businesses to join the movement and unlock their potential in this dynamic sector.