Business Setup in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Company Formation in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

What is the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone? This is a question our experts at Business Link UAE will ensure that clients are familiar with and are knowledgeable in the understanding of the characteristics that make up the creative city-free zone. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone came into existence in 2007. The provision of a wide-ranging spectrum of business fields will be discussed in further detail. Within this article, however, it is noteworthy to understand that all fields are intertwined with the facilitation of creativity in all fields. Creative City allows for individuals to obtain FCC licenses within the parameters of an economic-free zone environment.

How to Start a Business in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone?

Business Link UAE provides its clients with professional assistance throughout the company formation in the Fujairah Creative City process inclusive of numerous customized services entailing the diverse options of business packages available. For a standard set-up, 2-3 working days are required to issue a license, within this time Business Link, jointly with the client is given time to apply for a company bank account. Once the immigration card has been issued, the holder is eligible to apply for a UAE residency visa. An advantage of Setting up a company in Fujairah Creative City is that a license holder can have a registered address within one of the Creative City business centers based in Dubai and use the amenities for a certain number of hours a month. This is ideal for clients who are only in Dubai for a short period because they do not need to travel to Fujairah.

Benefits of Setting up a Company in FCC:

The attractive characteristics of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone appeal to the common client needs such as the following:

  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • No requirements are needed to obtain an office lease.
  • No annual audit
  • 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits: Companies have the full freedom to repatriate all invested capital and profits.
  • Physical presence in the UAE is not a must: It means that this free zone company formation process can be completed from wherever you are located once the application process has been completed. For those with a current UAE residency, a NOC is not required.
  • A Paid-up share capital is not mandatory: As opposed to the common requirement for Free Zone setups, Creative City does not restrict one to block a share capital in one’s account to form a new company.

Our team at Business Link UAE can liaise your processes in a variety of business activities available in Fujairah Creative City, Among the options are advertising, architecture, and technology, audio and visual, broadcasting, education and training, information technology and web services, film/production/ post-production, music and entertainment, and plenty more.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone Business Startup Packages:

Before setting up your company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone it is imperative to determine which package is the most suitable for your needs. There are several packages available in Fujairah Creative City with sub-packages that fall under License Only Packages or License and Visa Packages.

License Only Packages Include:

Commercial Only Trade License -FZE

It is for an individual without any visa requirements.

  • Trade license valid for one year
  • No visa availability

Commercial Only Trade License – FZ LLC

It is for more than one shareholder and can add  up to 50 individual shareholders with no visa package

  • Trade license valid for one year
  • No visa availability
  • Can add up to 50 shareholders

License and Visa Packages Include:

Commercial Plus One Shareholder with One to Two Visa Availability
Freelancer Company

  • Ideal for company setups requiring one to three visa requirements.
  • Establishment card valid for one year.
  • Trade license valid for one year
  • Flexi desk facility

Baby Business

  • Ideal for small businesses, easing the company setup process with minimal overhead costs
  • Availability of 6 visas
  • Flexi desk facility

SME Business Package

  • Ideal for growing businesses as it enables the company to obtain up to 15 visas.

All the above packages include an office lease agreement at Fujairah Creative Free Zone. The duration of one year and a trade license with one of the business activities valid for one year.

PRO Services at Business Link UAE and the team are dedicated to the handling of all permits, permission, NOC document processing, and company renewal-related matters regarding requirements by the UAE government and the Creative City Free Zone. To inquire about all costs pertaining to the above-mentioned packages and how to kick start your journey into a company set up in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, please contact us at 00 971 556070118 or email us at with all your queries and we’ll be at your disposal at the earliest.