Business Setup in Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone (DUCAMZ)

The inflow of tourists, visitors and business-related visits by people from all over the world makes it necessary that Dubai has a well-established system of transportation built for delivery. While public transport is very viable and efficient, it is not always the best option for many people. There may be reasons for health or convenience that push people to opt for private rental services. This also gives people a reliable and comfortable means of transport. All these reasons have led to the building of a very good rental business setup in the Dubai Car and Automotive Free Zone (DUCAMZ) which is located in Ras Al Khor.

It is the largest free zone to operate in the world. It is a very lucrative location to set up your car rental business here. We have laid down a few guidelines to follow before you do the same. These are very easy to follow and Business Link UAE will navigate you through the business setup process or basically do it for you.

How to Set Up a Company in DUCAMZ?

  1. The DUCAMZ caters to Asian and African clients tourists and that is why they have two kinds of rentals. One is the left-handed driving fleet and the other is the right-handed driving one. If you do not have any specification regarding the client base you want to serve, you would want to maintain both the fleets for use.
  2. You need to get a licence to operate in this free zone, most of which comes through within 2-4 weeks.
  3. You need to file an application to the respective authority to get this licence and after initial approval, you would be needed to testify and verify the documents, all of which is subject to checking by the concerned authority. Post the verification, the lease agreements, trade agreements, MoU and other Articles of Association needs to be filled and signed.
  4. Some deposit or share of the capital needs to be made for the licence to be verified and fit for use.
  5. You would also need to get a domain name for your business. Register it with the DUCAMZ for it to recognize. As a business running there. The registration process is simple and needs only a few basic documents to be furnished. The basis of registration is only that of the domain name.

The reason why it is a good idea to set up a company in DUCAMZ.  Because of the network and infrastructure it provides. You enter a zone where the system is working and you gel in well with others. The entirety of it is built to enable your business and make it smooth for you to function and such a tactic is essential for a new business setup in UAE. Business Link UAE will give you the support necessary for getting through the hurdles of setting it up.  We will leave you free to explore the other aspects of the business.