Business Link For Entrepreneurs

Business Link UAE proudly presents the great conversion of our respectful CEO, Mr. HATEM EL SAFTY, with Gulf News about our business and how we are continuously helping entrepreneurs or business owners to start their new businesses or expand their businesses in UAE or KSA. 

Acting as the right hand for the entrepreneurs to set up their business as they were new to all the legal procedures in UAE and KSA.  We will guide them in each and every step to grow their business. We are the right consultants for your dream.

Check out the conversation with our CEO. From that, you will clearly understand how much importance we are giving to an entrepreneur to accomplish his dream business successfully.

How could you help entrepreneurs set up business in the UAE in this time of extreme uncertainties?

Entrepreneurship is a different experience — it’s like being a king of an entire kingdom. It changes your life as soon as you decide to be your boss. Business Link is always proud to help innovative entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of setting up businesses in the UAE. Even in this situation, we are trying our best to guide them in every step of their entrepreneurial journey. My advice to young entrepreneurs is don’t give up on their dreams and stay motivated even in the toughest of circumstances.

How does Business Link maintain its edge in this market?

Our expertise comes from over 20 years of experience in forging a strong relationship with the governing bodies. We have a proven methodology to complete the work on time and deliver values to a business, from its conception to the implementation and finalization of processes.

As the UAE is the land of start-ups, I don’t think the market will ever go down. Almost 60 percent of the people within and outside of the UAE are finding new ways to build their own business to be successful in their lives. At Business Link, we have a good team of business set-up consultants who can help and guide our clients to transition smoothly from employee to entrepreneur. Our fast and reliable services always make our customers satisfied. This is how we keep moving higher in this market.

Are you offering any special package to business owners looking to start their ventures now?

Starting April, we will give 50 percent off on our service charges with free delivery and collection of documents for companies and families.

What are your top tips for people looking to embark on an entrepreneurial journey?

Entrepreneurship will surely change your life by being the boss of an organization. It will be hard to start this journey but after that everything will soon fall in place. Try to navigate the challenges to emerge stronger. Business Link UAE is always there to help you overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship. Leave all the legal procedures to us so that you can completely focus on growing your business. Whether it is in the mainland, free zone, or offshore, you can lay the stepping stones of your business by holding our hands.

This is what we are and how we are supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dream businesses. For the easy and affordable business setup in UAE and KSA, you can contact us anytime without any hindrance. We are always here to help you and support you.

And again what we have to tell you is Never Lose your Dream at Any Cost. Now we all know the situation around us but if our dreams are strong nothing can defeat us. Let’s move towards a good future.

Source: Gulf News