Business Link at GITEX: Enthralling Entrepreneurs

Dubai: GITEX Global 2022, the world’s largest tech and startup event, has kicked off with its third edition. Commencing earlier this week on the 10th of October, the show has already surpassed the number of guests from its previous editions. Sprawling over 26 halls in the Dubai World Trade Center, the event has attracted more than 4,500 businesses globally. More than 100,000 visitors have already attended the show. 

The event hosts 5000 exhibitors from over 170 countries, alongside 1000 experts, speakers, and panelists. In line with the Dubai government’s goal, North Star is amplifying the trend to support more entrepreneurs. By adding a new hall with an added 30% capacity and bringing together over 600 investors in a forward-thinking entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Business Link as Community Partners  

To be a part of a fully immersive digital universe at GITEX and as a community partner of North Star, Business Link has been an active visitor and contributor to the event. Our team has been at GITEX since the launch day. The team continues to spend productive hours – learning, engaging, and collaborating with new businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. Business Link has engaged with over 50 big and small enterprises to understand their businesses better. And also see how we could assist them with any of their business needs.

The team particularly observed a peak in interest from entrepreneurs and startups from Morocco, UK, India, and African nations. Mainly, entrepreneurs, who are actively looking to expand their businesses in the MENA – use GITEX as a powerful platform to reach their target market. 

Faisal Qureshi, Chief Marketing Officer at Business Link, has been a regular visitor at GITEX. He observed how GITEX North Star makes for an incredible stage for young and savvy entrepreneurs. Here they can showcase their talent and receive guidelines on how they can get their next big break into the MENA startup ecosystem. 

The GITEX 3.0 aims to bring together the world’s most influential ecosystems advancing in business, economy, society, and culture. This aim comes with the participation of over 250 government entities and public-private partnerships. In addition, it also includes more than 800 startups. Hatem ElSafty, CEO of Business Link, believes this is a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs to get their message across and share their business dreams with the world. 

“Our team has been in action mode to assist entrepreneurs and foreign businesses who are looking for new opportunities. We have interacted with them to answer their concerns about business setup in Dubai. It gives us immense pleasure to be a contributing member of GITEX North Star. Firstly as a community partner and secondly, to assist the future generations who will strengthen the country’s economy,” said Faisal Qureshi.