5 Reasons to Start Hotel Business in Dubai

5 Reasons to Start a Hotel Business in Dubai UAE - Business Link UAE

Dubai has truly become a world hub for every kind of business imaginable owing to its brilliantly diverse ex-pat population, strategic location with respect to other continents, and the magnificent economy it has developed into. Statistics show a staggering 10 million tourists and transit visitors in just the first half of this year. It will only increase multifold by the end of the year. This figure speaks out aloud about Dubai’s booming tourism sector and testifies its potential for prospective investors. Setting up a business in the Dubai industry will be a sure-shot way to crack into this multi-billion dollar sector in UAE. If you think otherwise here are 5 reasons for Starting a Hotel Business in Dubai. It will be a guarantee of success if you do it the right way of course!

5 reasons for Starting a Hotel Business in Dubai, UAE?

1. Everyone Needs a Place to Stay!

It is just a myth that the hotel business setup in Dubai requires millions of dollars in investment. On objective analysis, one can find that this is not true.

Out of the thousands of visitors flying into Dubai every day. Every person belongs to a different income group and therefore will require a boarding that fits their income bracket.

Hotels and furnished apartments in Dubai or any other Emirates can be built to target different types of clientele according to the budget and business model of the investor.

2. Different Business Models to Choose From

You do not have to stick to only hotels if you are planning to invest in this business. There are different categories in the UAE hotel business in which an investor can show his creativity.

The main 6 types are Resorts, Hotels, Hotel Apartments/ furnish Apartments, Youth Hostels, Guest Hostels, and Holiday houses in Dubai.

Hotels can be 1 to 7 stars and holiday houses could be standard or deluxe.

3. Forthcoming Global Events

Dubai Expo 2020 is happening in a year and the country is getting ready for the biggest incoming crowd it has ever seen.

Along with this Dubai is now the key location for all the meetings, conferences, and events for international organizations around the world.

This will be the best time for investors to put their money in this sector. This will enable them to make the most revenue out of the events to come.

4. Availability of Talented Staff

Dubai is a multicultural city, is also a treasure chest of talented manpower. The investor will be able to find all the personnel right from the senior managers to service and floor staff easily with a profile that fits his business model and target crowd.

5. Systematic Setting up Process

Dubai is very organized and straightforward in its processes. Investors can follow the rules and regulations to get their job done without any knots in the process.

You can get the appropriate business license in Dubai to start and run a hotel from the DED (Department of Economic Development) by following the procedures they have laid out and submitting all the required documents.

Once all the procedures are complete the investor can collect the license from DTCM. 0 will guide you in every step of the process ensuring a smooth setup experience.

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