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5 Important Factors while choosing an office space in Dubai

Factors considering while choosing Office space

Dubai is one of the most popular and luxurious places in the world where you can easily set up your dream business. But, for that, you need to find an efficient office space in Dubai. Over the years, Dubai has developed as a business hub for many industries.

When you are looking for a business setup in Dubai, you need to ensure that it brings you growth as an entrepreneur in UAE. The first step to starting your business in Dubai is to find a potential space.

Honestly, Dubai can turn out to be the best office location in the UAE. Due to the rapid spreading of the Coronavirus worldwide, many businesses are considering starting with a virtual office. However, it is advisable to own a physical office because it can be beneficial in several ways.

How to choose an office space?

As per the general rule, the mainland companies need to have an office space in Dubai to access the trade license. A physical office in Dubai is giving a massive boost to the young entrepreneurs. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing an office space in Dubai.


Before choosing the best office location in the UAE, you will need to analyze the type of office space you want. You will need to determine various factors such as your target audience, business, and market. These factors would play an essential role in meeting your convenience and feasibility. Before choosing the office space, it is advisable to consider the safety and type of locality to attract maximum customers for your business.


Whether you are purchasing the property or renting one, it is essential to consider the budget. Dubai is one of the most buzzing and happening cities globally, and hence, finding an office space here can turn out to be easy.

When you rent a property in Dubai, you will need to bear the expense of utilities and furniture. However, if you’re a little tight on the budget, you will need to analyze the primary factors. Many mainland companies also opt for subletting, but this option may have its disadvantages, as it limits your company’s growth.

Approval from authorities

You cannot start a business in Dubai if you do not receive approval from civil authorities. At the same time, you should obtain permission to rent an office space in Dubai from DED. It would help if you informed the civil authorities about the activities you will be conducting because specific actions are limited here.

Size and space

When you set up a business in Dubai, your future aim should be to expand it. Hence, it is advisable to consider the size and space before renting the office. The office should have enough room for expansion. If you already have an established team, you might as well ask them for a potential property.

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