Subsidiary Company Setup In Dubai

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Subsidiary Company

To have a subsidiary company setup in Dubai is the dream for many!
The UAE is not only home to businesses that were established as fresh companies, but also to branches and subsidiaries that expanded their business here. A subsidiary company setup in Dubai is a legal entity that’s independent of its parent or holding company and can be managed from UAE or overseas. While you can own your subsidiary company 100% in the LLC structure, it’s important to know that the management and employees of the subsidiary company must be based in the UAE, even if the parent company is overseas.

Foreign companies can set up either a branch or a subsidiary in the UAE – provided they abide by the rules and regulations set up in the country. While both types come with their advantages, if you’re looking to set up a company that enjoys more freedom then a subsidiary is the one for you. As a subsidiary is independent of the parent company, unlike a branch, the activities taking place within the subsidiary can be different than those of the holding company.

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Benefits of a Subsidiary Company setup in Dubai

Opening up a new market such as the one in Dubai is beneficial in itself as it brings along various opportunities to earn revenue, but there are several other benefits that come with a subsidiary company setup in Dubai. These are:

Business independence

A subsidiary is separate from its legal holding company, which allows them the freedom to make their own business decisions – including the business activities they choose to be involved in.

Exempt from taxes

Subsidiaries in Dubai enjoy being completely exempt from any taxes. This exemption includes corporate and income tax, as well as taxes, levied on any imports and exports.

Zero currency restrictions

There are no currency restrictions, so organizations can invest and do business with the currency that best suits their needs.

No local sponsor is required

A local sponsor isn’t required when setting up a subsidiary in the UAE – this means you can own your subsidiary company 100% without having to split any assets or profits made.

Documents required for a Subsidiary Company setup in Dubai

Submitting the right documents is the first step in the right direction. Here are the most important documents required for the successful processing of your license application;

How can you form a subsidiary company in Dubai

The process of setting up a subsidiary is relatively straightforward, provided you send across all the right documents. To keep a check of all documents required, and to ensure documents have been adequately attested, translated and submitted the right way, you need well-experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Our experts have been assisting numerous foreign investors set up their dream businesses in the UAE for over two decades!

Our team of PRO services at Business Link can assist in managing your paperwork, approvals, and complete setup procedure to ensure the experience of launching a business is as seamless as possible for you!