Staff Accommodation Services in Dubai – Labour Camps in UAE

Success triggers growth. And growth triggers the need for enhanced manpower. This has been the hallmark of businesses in Dubai for the past decade or so, especially in the real estate/property sector. Therefore, it becomes imperative for these successful enterprises to hire more staff, both skilled and unskilled.

And one of the major pitfalls associated with increased employment is accommodation. Staff accommodation in Dubai demands careful planning as unrestrained and unintended setup of employee quarters can quickly lead to inefficiency and subsequent drop in profits.

Accommodation Requirements Typically Fall Under Three Categories.

• Senior level entities – Directors and CEO.
• Mid and low-level entities – Managers, administrators, engineers, and back-end professionals.
• Labour – those who work in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

The close proximity of living quarters to the working place plays an important role in the efficiency of the employees. If the workers are healthy and feel energetic on a daily basis. It simply translates into higher productivity, unmatched dedication and cordial relationship.

However, unforeseen increase in the number of new business establishments has invariably created an “Accommodation” vacuum. Both employees and employers have turned wary of growing and fluctuating rents, shortage of quality staff quarters and influx of opportunists. The scenario for real estate companies is even more distressing who rely heavily on labour camps in Dubai.

Business Link UAE Consultancy with over two decades of experience in labour accommodation services in UAE and staff accommodation services in UAE offers expert residential solutions, even for manpower hungry industries such as retail and hotel. We as a business setup consultant in Dubai understand the accommodation needs of these businesses and therefore offers several competitive, comfortable and convenient options.

One of its distinct areas of expertise is accommodation. No wonder then this highly reputed law firm provides municipality approved labour camps in Dubai and municipality approved staff rooms in Dubai which adhere to the following key requirements.

• Scalable rooms –

Spaces which can accommodate 1 to 8 adults.

• Municipality approved labour accommodations –

These camps are close to banks, shopping malls, entertainment zones, and even internet hubs. Close proximity to these vital services results in greater “Feel Good” quotient – a metric which lowers attrition rate.

• Public transportation –

Transport is yet another service which staff and labor look up to with reverence. Close proximity simply translates into fewer wasted man-hours. It also offers increased time for respite and entertainment.

• Hospitals –

Dubai municipality stipulates that such camps and staff quarters be build close to medical and surgical facilities.

Staff accommodation services in Dubai play a crucial role in offering long term housing resolutions. Business Link UAE Consultancy is a one-stop solution for labour accommodation services in Dubai & Labor Campus UAE Which are close to the work area, reasonably priced and offer residents a satisfying and energizing living space.