Sharjah Media City Company Formation

Paving a smoother path towards obtaining SHAMS LLC in Sharjah Media City Free Zone.

With the UAE recently becoming a popular, trusted, and reputable nation recognized as best destination for a business setup in Dubai, its economic diversification has ranked it as one of the top handpicked attractive locations for business opportunities and expansion. Our teams at Business Link UAE Consultancy acquire the knowledge and know-how that ensures companies newly introduced into the region are accommodated in accordance with the ever-growing Free Zone Arena. From company registration to effective PRO services in Dubai and visa assistance to finding local sponsors in the United Arab Emirates, Business Link UAE is dedicated to helping its clients run their businesses smoothly. Apart from its dynamic initiative, company formation in Sharjah Media City Free Zone provides an abundant amount of benefits and facilities. Acknowledging and comprehending the magnitude of opportunities for setting up a company in SHAMS is crucial to all prospective company owners.

Advantages of Business Setup in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Zero personal and corporate income tax
  • The requirement of a NOC is not obligatory
  • No physical presence in the UAE is required to incorporate your company.
  • Annual audits are not required.
  • A variety of visa allocation options are available.
  • Four licensing options-
  • Trading
  • Service
  • Industrial
  • Holding
  • Low cost set up
  • Employee sponsorship
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • 0% import and export duties
  • 0% Corporate tax for 50 years

Sharjah Media City Free Zone is not without its Captivating Facilities

An office space that includes:

  • Dedicated Desk
  • Shared Desk
  • Dedicated Office
  • Shared Office
  • Creative units:

Stand-alone offices

  • Office studios
  • Showrooms
  • Community areas

How to Setup a Company in Shams as a Shareholder or Branch:

Individual Shareholder, one must provide passport copies of all shareholders including UAE visa page or the last entry stamp into the UAE, an authorized signatory form, application forms, and all other routine documentation which Business Link PRO consultants will be able to advise on.

As a Branch one must provide an application for registration, all legal documents regarding the establishment of the branch, corporate documentation of Parent Company including all certifications, business plan, company profile, the appointment of Manager by Parent Company, and all other routine documentation.

Why Business Link UAE Consultancy will pave Your Path into SHAMS

Business Link provides company set up consultants in Dubai to guide and assist in ensuring a successful company formation in Sharjah Media City.  Specialists at Business Link are continually embracing change and are focused on client satisfaction by delivering on-time services and attending to client needs professionally.