Setting up a Medical Laboratory in Dubai

Dubai is a leading platform for various startup businesses in the international market. The medical sector is also touching the sky with its new wings. The infrastructure of clinics and hospitals in Dubai is improving day by day. Also, there are huge chances of new startups in this industry. According to a report, there is a huge demand for medical laboratories and clinics and laboratory setup costs.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) handles and regulates the medical department under their standards and also makes sure that they are providing the best quality services.

Licensing Authorities

Laboratories in Dubai work as part of a hospital or a separate entity. DHA provides a license to laboratories and also operates them. Licenses for these laboratories will be issued from the Department of Economic Development Dubai.


Same like other businesses, the first step for developing a license for the laboratory is to start by approaching the Department of Economic Development Dubai for trade name and approval. After that, the application form is needed to be filled out and processed under the DHA. Also, you need to submit your layout plan at this time.

The Requirement of Setting up a Medical Laboratory

  • The laboratory must be under DHA and work according to the standards of DHA.
  • All necessary safety measures must need to set according to regular standards of civil defense and DHA.
  • Must have quality test program and provided according to standardized manner.
  • Random inspections can be done to make ensure that the faculty is running as per the set guidelines.
  • Must follow a standard operating procedure that contains operational procedures and offers high-quality facilities.
  • All the laboratory equipment and machines should be maintained.

Medical Laboratory Setup Cost

The total setup cost for the medical laboratory will be approx.  AED 18500. Government fee is also included in set up cost and cost breakup for DED and DHA also.

To own a laboratory license, a single or individual can also apply for ownership and you need permission from DGA and DDA. Multi-entity needs to take permission from DHA medical director.

To own a laboratory and get a license for that laboratory in Dubai, needs some office space around 1000sq, a trading name, DHA license with all faculty and facilities. You can start your laboratory business in Dubai, Business link UAE will help you and guide you from the initial phase to advance.  So, let’s start without wasting any time.