Setting Up a Joint Venture Company in Saudi Arabia

joint venture company in saudi arabia

Expanding your business horizon and entering the vibrant market of Saudi Arabia can offer unprecedented growth and opportunities. One pathway to achieving this is through the establishment of a Joint Venture Company. Over recent years, Saudi Arabia has become an attractive destination for foreign investors due to its strategic reforms aimed at economic diversification under Saudi Vision 2030. However, setting up a Joint Venture Company in Saudi Arabia requires a deep understanding of the local business landscape.

In this blog, Business Link’s consultants team provides a concise guide to navigating the process of setting up a joint venture in Saudi Arabia effectively.

Understanding Joint Venture Company in Saudi Arabia

A Joint Venture company in Saudi Arabia typically involves a partnership between a foreign investor and a local Saudi partner. This type of collaboration capitalizes on the local partner’s market knowledge and network while allowing foreign investors to leverage their business acumen, technology, and expertise. 

Legal Framework and Structure

The establishment of a Joint Venture Company in Saudi Arabia is governed by the Saudi Companies Law. The most common JV structure is the Limited Liability Company (LLC), given its flexibility and limited liability protection. Key considerations for the formation include:

Minimum Share Capital: Generally, the minimum share capital for an LLC is SAR 500,000, though this can vary based on the industry and business activity. 

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Foreign Ownership: Foreign investors can own up to 100% of the equity in certain sectors. The investor must comply with Saudi Arabia’s licensing and regulatory requirements. Business Link consultants possess solid knowledge and experience in the KSA market. They are committed to providing comprehensive guidance for company formation in Saudi Arabia. 

Partnership Agreement: A well-defined partnership agreement is critical. It should outline profit-sharing mechanisms, management responsibilities, and exit strategies to ensure a smooth operation.

Regulatory and Licensing Requirements

Securing the necessary licenses and approvals is paramount.

  • Ministry of Investment (MISA)  Formerly known as SAGIA, MISA is the primary authority responsible for issuing investment licenses to foreign entities.
  • Commercial Registration: Post obtaining the investment license, the Joint Venture Company must be registered with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Sector-Specific Licenses: Depending on the business’s nature, additional licenses from sector-specific regulatory bodies (e.g., Saudi Food and Drug Authority) may be required.

Steps To Establish a Joint Venture Company in Saudi Arabia

The procedural journey to setting up a Joint Venture involves several key steps:

  1. Investment License Application: Submit the requisite documents to MISA for initial approval.
  2. Drafting Legal Documents: This includes drafting the Articles of Association and the Joint Venture agreement, which must be attested by a Saudi notary public.
  3. Commercial Registration: Register the company with the Ministry of Commerce and obtain the Commercial Registration Certificate.
  4. Additional Approvals: Secure sector-specific licenses, where applicable.
  5. Bank Account Opening: Open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Visas and Labor Requirements: Process visas for expatriate employees and ensure compliance with Saudi labor laws.

Insights and Considerations

Conduct thorough due diligence on potential Saudi partners to ensure the alignment of business objectives and mitigate risks. Moreover, embrace Saudi Arabia’s business culture, which emphasizes relationships and trust. Building personal connections with local stakeholders can significantly enhance your Joint Venture’s success. Other than that, engage experienced legal counsel in Saudi Arabia to navigate the complex regulatory environment and ensure compliance.

Simplify Your Investment Journey in Saudi Arabia

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