500K+ Set To Fly Out Of Dubai This Summer & Tourist Visa On The Rise

With schools out and summers in, Emirates Airlines have revealed a record-breaking number of travelers that are expected to fly out of Dubai this summer. Standing at an astounding 550,000 travelers presently, the numbers are on a steady rise. Dubai’s flagship carrier airline has been urging people to book their tickets before seats sell out. Along with those traveling outside the country, reports suggest an increase in UAE tourist visas. This indicates an influx of tourists ready to spend their summers in Dubai

Up by 150,000 travelers since last summer, the surge can be duly credited to the COVID-19 pandemic that greatly slowed down international air travel. However, things can are returning to the pre-pandemic era, slowly but surely.

The airline stated that operations have returned close to 80% of their pre-pandemic capacity. Emirates will also be adding more flights and increasing the frequency wherever possible. As the summer break draws closer, daily booking volumes can be seen rising rapidly.

As for global travel, the International Civil Aviation Organization reported an increase of 65% in air passengers from January to April 2022, Along with this, flight departures also increased by 30%. Despite an increase in ticket costs due to fuel hitting an all-time high, air travel is definitely experiencing a rebound.

How is Dubai Airport Making the Process Seamless for you?

Given the sheer number of travelers expected to occ Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3, Emirates Airlines are putting in their all to ensure you have an incredible experience both on and offboard.

Emirates’ First-Class passengers can enjoy the luxury of checking in from the comfort of their homes. The facility, which is open to those in Dubai and Sharjah, can simply have a check-in agent visit their homes and hotels at allotted times, and complete all formalities including the issuance of a boarding pass – all free of charge.

Passengers in Ajman and the Northern Emirates can cut the queues and check in at Ajman’s check-in facility, open 24/7. Those in Abu Dhabi can make use of Emirates Airlines’ bus service that operates five times a day

Looking to Travel to the UAE?

While many are traveling back home to meet their loved ones, and others are off on leisure trips; Dubai is gearing up for another fun-filled summer set to welcome tourists wanting to cool off under the sun.

The UAE offers several options for individuals looking to obtain a tourist visa. With Eid al-Adha and Dubai Summer Surprises around the corner, tourism visa services in UAE are increasingly being asked about.

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