India Pavilion at EXPO 2020

S. Kishore, who is the Commissioner-General of India led a delegation and reinforced India’s participation in Dubai EXPO 2020. Two gentlemen Pawan Kapoor who is Indian Ambassador to UAE and Dr. Aman Puri who is Consul General accompanied him. They announced the entire COVID 19 vaccination and vaccination program that they will approach for this huge EXPO 2020. India Pavilion at EXPO 2020 is designed in a way to represent every single corner of India including the business sector, India’s ancient culture, traditions, technological achievements, future business ideas, and work opportunities.

Most of the structural work is complete, and the interior finishing is going on. The preparations are at their highest peak, and the Indian Pavilion will showcase the country’s hard work and achievements in different sections over these seventy-five years.

India is spending more than two hundred crores on this Pavilion. It will be showing its permanent structure for business ideas to retain even after the EXPO ends next year.

Hundreds of countries will participate in this EXPO 2020 in Dubai. This EXPO will eventually open multiple doors to job opportunities and will additionally promote tourism between India and all the other participating countries.

A few words about this EXPO 2020:

EXPO 2020 is the very first World EXPO that will take place in the Middle East and South Asia regions. World EXPO is a kind of festival where the visitors can have fun while sharing valuable business ideas.

World EXPO is the largest international event, opening doors for people from different corners of the world to explore, share and experience different working ideas. This event lasts for six months and takes place after every five years.

EXPO 2020 is a great opportunity for connecting creative and innovative minds who can create the best possible advancements for the future. This EXPO will showcase the most inspiring examples of collaboration, cooperation, and innovation from different corners of the world.

The EXPO 2020, Dubai, will start from October 1, 2021, and will last till March 31, 2022. This event will be particularly for supporting tourism’s growth and improve the country’s International reputation concerning business sectors.

How many participants will be there at this EXPO 2020 in Dubai?

The participants for this EXPO 2020 in Dubai will be:

  • Businesses
  • Nations
  • Educational institutions
  • Multilateral organizations

In total, more than two hundred participants will be there for this EXPO 2020. But only one hundred and ninety-one nations have confirmed their participation.

Talking about visitor expectations, EXPO 2020 expects to have about 2.5 crore visitors.

Travel restriction discussions:

With less than twelve weeks left for the EXPO 2020’s grand opening, the preparations in India have moved to the highest pace.

S. Kishore has assured the significant priority to India’s participation and its Pavilion. Indian Ambassador has also emphasized the requirement of removal of vaccination mandation on Indians who wish to return to Dubai.

The progress approval of the vaccine and the Cowin app’s technical variations were also discussed in the deligation held by the Commissioner general.

Specifically, Delhi is all set to contribute significantly to this huge event taking place in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

The COVID 19 vaccination and safety measures were also a part of this discussion session in the delegation. The entire team of Omar Shehadeh, who is the Chief Participants’ officer at this event, was a vital part of this discussion. The whole delegation finally visited the Indian Pavilion to see the ongoing work and progress.

How much display area has India got?

The EXPO 2020 has designated specific areas for each participating country. Likewise, India has got a wide place of four thousand and six hundred square meters of the display area.

The country will represent its Pavilion based on a total of thirty themes, including all the growth and development the nation had in the past seventy-five years. This Pavilion will eventually be representing a special campaign around the manufacturing sector. The name of the campaign is – ‘Make in India.’

Who is heading the entire construction work of the India Pavilion EXPO 2020?

Indian Pavilion is one of the largest pavilions that India will represent in the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. This Pavilion’s foundation stone was laid by the commerce and industry minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal. This Pavilion is a public-private partnership model.

Public Sector National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd. is currently leading this Indian Pavilion’s construction.

Highlights of the India Pavilion EXPO 2020:

Indian Pavilion is one of the huge Pavilions participating in this EXPO 2020 and contains a façade made with colorful blocks. There will be a total of six hundred blocks in this façade. In fact, the Indian Pavilion is a four-story pavilion representing the nation’s innovation in the hi-tech sector.

The construction work for this Indian Pavilion began last year in August 2019. Indian Pavilion is now located in AI Forsan Park, which is adjacent to Opportunity District. The delegation is prioritizing the Indian Pavilion and visited the location to check the ongoing work.

Talking about the current situation, the structural and dynamic façade work is done, and currently, everyone is putting in hard efforts for the interior work. The preparations are now fastened up, and hopefully, the entire work will be completed by July’s third week.

The Indian Business Community’s representatives have collaboration with Indian Pavilion. The entire Pavilion will contain a kinetic façade and will eventually look like a mosaic having rotating panels. These panels will finally represent different themes of India’s innovations and achievements. Talking about the movements, these panels will rotate on their own axis.

The whole Pavilion consists of two parts:


Part-A will be an introductory part that will depict India’s story. This will take all the visitors through Indian history and all the experiences the country had in the past. This part will make the visitors not only look at India but will also make them understand India.


Part-B will be particularly based on Indian Business achievements and future ideas. This will represent the business sector thematically and by all the states of India.

The Indian Pavilion will basically reflect the five Ts of India.

Besides all this, the Indian Pavilion will also consist of a life-size image of Mahatma Gandhi. This image will symbolize his 150th birthday celebration.

What theme does this India Pavilion EXPO 2020 represent?

Indian Pavilion is specifically designed to showcase India’s seventy-five years of Indian achievements. This will show India’s innovative technologies and all the significant business opportunities the country offers.

This Pavilion will further showcase the country’s traditional and cultural diversities along with its ancient treasures.

In short, the Indian Pavilion is crafted on the basis of the theme ‘India on the move.’ This huge Pavilion is an accurate amalgam of technological advancements and the rich heritage of the nation.

This will make the visitors understand India from its core, from where it started to become what it is today. From the old age yoga traditions to India’s journey to space, this Pavilion will represent a hard-working and ambitious India.

Besides this, the Pavilion reflects Indian culture and festivals too. It contains mega celebrations of Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi.

What can you expect from India Pavilion EXPO 2020?

The visitors will get to see India’s achievements, innovations, growth, and development from a unique point of view in a special style. They will understand India from this Indian Pavilion.

The visitors can expect to see the five Ts of India in this Indian Pavilion, including:

  • Talent
  • Tourism
  • Trade
  • Technology
  • Tradition

This Indian Pavilion will indicate the growth of India based on three pillars; opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. This will represent the entire story of India, right from Harappan civilization to this modern India that has stepped on space also and not ready to rule the globe.

What safety precautions do the visitors have to follow during this EXPO 2020?

Anyone who is suffering from any of the COVID 19 symptoms or has been in close contact with someone who is COVID 19 positive should not come to EXPO 2020.

The visitors will have to follow the following guidelines for visiting EXPO 2020:

  • The visitors should get their temperature checked through the thermal cameras. These cameras will be at the arrival points.
  • The visitors should not remove their face masks for a single second during the event.
  • Social distancing is a must therefore visitors should maintain a social distance of two meters from each other to make their visit safe and healthy.
  • The visitors should sanitize their hands before and after touching anything. The sanitizer points will be positioned at regular intervals.
  • The visitors should immediately contact the medical facilities’ points in case of any health issue.

This EXPO 2020 is a great event for all the visitors where people from different nations will share their knowledge and ideas regarding the business. India is putting in its hard efforts to hit this milestone of showcasing one of the largest pavilions.

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