How to Start a Yacht Rental Business in Dubai

As you may already know, the UAE has one of the strongest economies in the world due to its constant development, investment in technology, infrastructure, multiculturalism, and many others. Another important factor is its amazing location, places in the UAE, like Dubai, have served as passage or transit points for Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia for almost three centuries.

As a world record-breaking country, one of the newest achievements of the UAE is to have one of the top ten maritime capitals in the world which happens to be the amazing Dubai. This condition has given Dubai a massive twist in what tourists are looking for nowadays, as the interest in the yacht business increases each day, Dubai has increased its construction and number of harbors designed for yachts and small boats.

The already mentioned increase of interest in the yacht business has also increased the number of local and foreign investment; opening all kind of opportunities for all kind of businesses related to the main one: the yacht business.

So, are you interested in starting a yacht business or starting a yacht rental business in Dubai? Keep on reading to learn how:

Go Through the First Requirements

In order to open a yacht business in Dubai, you have to check with the competent authorities to get informed about the legal requirements and all the paperwork it involves so you get your yacht business license.

Then you must decide what types of yacht you’ll rent, where will you build, rent or buy business docks, etc.

Look For Help

Starting any kind of company can be a little scary, difficult, and, obviously, time-consuming. This is a common factor in starting any business, especially for new business owners. Asking for help to the right suppliers and business setup service providers might make things a lot easier for you. This kind of companies can help you find the right locations, obtaining the licenses and doing all the paperwork for you.

There are plenty of companies that can help you out with the entire process, ranging from how to get a yacht business license to the actual yacht business set up in Dubai. Business Link UAE is one of those business setup consultancies which you can rely on with ease for all your business setup processes.

Offer Some Services

What are you planning to offer to your customers? Yacht rentals? Tourism services? Water guides to accompany the customers? Which is the main goal of your business? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you start setting up your own yacht rental business.

You can also offer, as one of your services, yacht safety courses for adults, children, and families. These kind of courses are pretty valuable for customers who start to notice that the company or business is working on behalf of its customers and not only for its own profit.


As in any business, the yacht rental business carries a risk with it. People who rent a yacht and go out by themselves on the water can actually get hurt or even killed!

This is the main reason why you should get insured in the first place, so you protect yourself, your business, and, most importantly, your customers!

Knowing all of this, there has never been a better time to start a yacht business in Dubai. There are hundreds of harbors in development, tons of yachts to invest in, thousands of services you could offer and not that many requirements to do it. You just have to be willing to work for it and always ensure the customer’s happiness that will give your business plenty of profit and a well-known reputation.