Dubai replaces UAE visa stamps with Emirates ID for entry and exit


Dubai has recently announced that it will no longer have visa stamps on passports for visitors to the United Arab Emirates. it is applicable for the new applications for the visa services in UAE. Instead, the emirate will be using the Emirates ID card, which is a national identification card. It is issued to all citizens and residents of the UAE.

The Federal Authority has officially declared the new Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) rule

The change will streamline the visa process and make it more efficient for visitors. The Emirates ID card will now serve as the primary form of identification for all residents and citizens of the UAE, including tourists. 

The Emirates ID card is a biometric identification card that contains the holder’s personal information. Such as their name, photograph, and fingerprints. It also contains information on the holder’s residency status and visa validity. With the new system, visitors to Dubai will no longer need to get a stamp on their visas their passports. Instead, they will have to present their Emirates ID card, which will serve as proof of their visa status.

The move is a major step forward for Dubai, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The new system will significantly reduce wait times for visitors at immigration counters.  Making entering the UAE much more efficient. Additionally, it will help prevent fraud and increase security, as the Emirates ID card is a secure and tamper-proof document.

The change will also benefit the residents of the UAE. As they no longer need to carry their passports as proof of residence. They can use their Emirates ID cards instead.

Dubai’s government has stated that the new system will also help boost tourism in the emirate, making the visa process more convenient and hassle-free for visitors. The move is also in line with the UAE’s goal of becoming a “smart city” and using technology to improve the lives of its citizens and visitors.

In conclusion, the government’s decision to replace visa stamps with Emirates ID cards is a major step forward for the UAE. It will make the visa process more efficient, secure, and convenient for visitors. It is also a major step towards becoming a smart city. This move will also boost tourism in Dubai and make it an even more attractive destination for visitors worldwide.