Dubai Nanny Visa – How to Sponsor Housemaid Visa in UAE?

Dubai Maid Visa

The demand for maids and nannies is gradually rising in the UAE. Working expatriates with children and even locals hire housemaid in Dubai to make life more comfortable and also to reduce the burden of daily chores. So, if you are planning to Sponsor Housemaid Visa in UAE or want to employ a nanny then there are certain procedures that need to adhere to. At the very outset, there are restrictions on who can sponsor a housemaid visa in UAE?

Here are the preconditions to apply for a maid visa or nanny visa in Dubai.

1. An individual with good financial status can sponsor a maid in Dubai. The sponsor’s salary with free accommodation should be AED 5,000+.
2. The sponsor should be living in a two-bed apartment.
3. Maids can only be sponsored from India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.
4. The sponsor should have a valid UAE residence visa and a minimum of a 30-day stay.
5. And the most important thing is that bachelors are not eligible to hire a maid. 

The next step is to apply for a maid’s visa (Entry Permit).

On arrival, the following procedures need to be put into action.

a. To get a residence stamp on the maid’s passport.
b. Undergo a medical checkup.
c. Emirates ID application
d. And fetch a labour card.

Incidentally, DNRD or the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai is responsible for nanny visa processing in Dubai. It will issue a residence visa, labour card, and labour contract for the maid.

Requirements for a maid visa in Dubai include the following documents:

  1. Residence visa stamp & a passport copy of the sponsor.
  2. Duly attested labour contract (Agreement) either the latest salary slip of the sponsor.
  3. Attested Lease agreement (Ejari).
  4. Maid’s passport copy should be valid for at least the next six months.
  5. Four passport size photos with white background.
  6. Relevant application form duly filled by an expert person.

The DNRD will issue the residence visa after the payment of fee. The medical test then takes place at any of the 14 government-sanctioned centers. The system is optimized for automation. It simply means, the results are fed into the DNRD database and the same is also messaged to the sponsor on their mobile phone. Whether it is a nanny visa in Dubai or a housemaid visa in Dubai the process is similar.
Renewal of Maid Visa in Dubai –

Again DNRD takes an important place for maid visa renewal in Dubai. You can also approach the best visa services providing companies in Dubai like Business Link UAE for the renewal of your maid visa to ignore all the hassles during the visa renewal.

Below are the steps for the cancellation of a maid visa in the UAE:

A. Obtain visa cancellation form from DNRD / Immigration department.
B. Provide a maid’s passport copy and a one-way ticket to the home country.

Our team of experts at Business Link assists you in getting all the paperwork for getting a housemaid/nanny visa cancellation form from DNRD.

On the departure date, you need to accompany the maid to the airport along with her passport, labour ID, visa cancellation form, and your own passport. The airport immigration officials will wind up the cancellation process in accordance with the law. Apropos to the subject, Dubai nanny visa cancellation follows the same set of procedures.

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