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Business Link welcomes investors and entrepreneurs with seamless process of business setup in Dubai, UAE. Setting up a Business in Dubai may sound like a hassle if proper planning and guidance are not in place, and our business formation experts are available to assist you. We are determined to provide the best business setup packages with the best possible solutions to launch your brand.

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Dubai is quickly establishing itself as one of the top destinations preferred by foreign investors to start their business setup or branch in the UAE. Offering top-notch infrastructure, attractive laws, and a business environment that’s highly motivating – the UAE is gaining popularity in the entrepreneurial world for all the right reasons. Recognizing the same, the UAE offers different types of business licenses that are regulated with their own unique laws, catering to the varying requirements of entrepreneurs. These trade license packages, for business setup in Dubai, were created with the aim to assist with setting up business in UAE. Curated to massively benefit all those looking to set up their empire in the country, the sky is the limit when setting up your business in the UAE. With several jurisdictions, countless company types, and endless benefits, setting up a business in UAE is a leap of faith you must take!

Read more about the vast range of offerings for business setup in Dubai by the UAE government designed to assist the needs of all investors and entrepreneurs. Pick what you’re most interested in and let Business Link handle the rest.

mainland company setup dubai

Mainland License

A jurisdiction fit for those wanting to set up a lucrative business in Dubai.

Mainland Company License in Dubai

The Mainland company setup license is a very enticing option present for investors looking to establish their business in a way that allows for maximum trading to be done and revenue to be made. The mainland license gives you the liberty to trade in both local and international markets which is highly beneficial if you’re looking to expand your business and for company formation in the UAE. The UAE is constantly amending its policies to bring about better mandates that further aid in boosting the economy by attracting even more investors making it easier to open a branch or new company setup in UAE. Our experts at Business Link will provide you with the best solutions to seamlessly setup a business in Dubai and UAE.

Registering a company setup in the UAE Mainland permits businesses to expand their operations by opening branches in Dubai and other Emirates; provided you have a valid commercial, professional, industrial, or tourism license. Let’s take a closer look into the specifics of the Mainland License in Dubai, and how it can help with business setup in Dubai.

Types of Mainland Licenses for Business Setup Dubai

In a broader sense, the Mainland License houses four major licenses under which you can carry out several different types of business activities. These licenses are:

Commercial License

The Commercial License was created for companies involved in the trading of goods and commodities, import and export, manufacturing, and more. The major benefit of this license is that once issued, you can carry out 10 business activities that are related to your main business.

Professional License

This license has covered those individuals who are looking to setup a company to offer services based on their area of expertise and skills. The issuance of the Professional License is based on whether you have any professional experience in the field or academic qualification.

Industrial License

The Industrial License is issued to businesses who require large factories for the purpose of manufacturing goods, converting natural resources, or altering raw materials. Since there are various industries involved in similar activities, the government bodies you will need to seek approval from will be dependent on those activities.

Tourism License

All activities related to the industry of travel and tourism, regardless of whether they are within the country or outside, will require the issuance of a Tourism License if they want to operate and setup a company in UAE. Travel agents, tour guides, the hospitality industry, vehicle-rental services, etc., are all examples of services that need a Tourism License to operate.

Benefits of setting up a Mainland Company

Business Setup with 100% Ownership

Companies in the UAE Mainland have the opportunity own their businesses entirely. It should be kept in mind, however, that 100% ownership is only permitted for LLCs.

Ease in setting up an office

The biggest benefit available to businesses operating under the Mainland License is that they can establish an office anywhere in the UAE. Whereas this is a luxury that is not available to those operating under the Free Zone or Offshore License.

Larger area to operate in

Mainland businesses have the golden opportunity to carry out trading and business with international consumers as well. This helps your brand avail global recognition, reach out to more people and bring in additional revenue.

Free zone company setup

Entities established in the special jurisdiction comes under a particular Emirate.
free zone company setup dubai

Free Zone License​

The perfect license for startups and SMEs looking to grow their wings

free zone company setup dubai

Free Zone License

The perfect license for startups and SMEs looking to grow their wings

Free Zone business setup in UAE

Free Zone licenses were created as a means of simplifying business activities. With top-notch amenities and an abundance of benefits, Free Zones are slowly becoming the most desired location to set up business in Dubai, especially among start-ups and SMEs. Since there are a number of Free Zone regions around the UAE, you are required to select one that’s the best fit for your needs.

Though this jurisdiction is preferred by start-ups and SMEs, businesses of any size and structure may set up their business in a UAE Free Zone, provided they have a valid business license.

Types of Free Zone companies

Free Zone Establishment

A Free Zone Establishment is simply a limited liability company (LLC).

Free Zone Company

A Free Zone Company, on the other hand, is a company in which two or more shareholders have made investments.

Branch Office

Regardless of whether your main company is in the UAE or outside, you can open a branch office for your parent company within a UAE Free Zone.

Benefits of setting up a Free Zone Company

100% Ownership

The UAE Free Zones were the first jurisdictions to allow complete business ownership by foreign investors. This feature was the main attraction that caught investors’ eyes – and ever since, the UAE Free Zones have been flourishing.

Financial Incentives

Other than the liberty to own your business completely, setting up a business in UAE Free Zone also provides owners with numerous financial incentives. No foreign exchange restrictions, no customs applied on imports and exports, 100% repatriation benefits, and not to mention, zero corporate, income, or personal tax.

Office Spaces

The UAE Free Zones are perfect for those not wanting to spend excessively on renting office spaces as these zones provide fully equipped workspaces ready to be occupied.

offshore license dubai

Offshore company setup

Entities registered under the free trade zones operating outside its registered jurisdiction.

Offshore company setup dubai

Offshore License

Accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams without having to compromise on privacy

Offshore company setup dubai

Offshore License

Accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams without having to compromise on privacy

Offshore company setup in UAE

This license gives way to set up an Offshore Company in which business is done and investments are made from outside the country that it’s registered in. A great option to opt for if you want a sense of anonymity and immense privacy protection – the Offshore Company License has quickly become one of the most sought-after licenses applied for by international investors.

The type of license is different from the Mainland and Free Zone license in the sense that, registering here does not need the issuance of a typical license, instead the concerned authority issues a certificate of incorporation to the company.

Benefits of setting up an Offshore Company

Immense flexibility

An offshore company offers greater flexibility when it comes to running the business. Similar to Free Zone companies, Offshore companies too can be 100% foreign-owned and do not require you to rent a physical office.

Added confidentiality

One of the biggest advantages of the Offshore License is the sheer amount of anonymity you, as a business owner, can maintain. When you register to open a company under the Offshore License, the details of the company owners and financial matters, among other things are kept in confidence.

Lawsuit protection

This feature serves to safeguard all profits, revenue, and assets made by the offshore company; in case a legal case is pursued against the company. In that situation, resources and various other possessions are protected by law.


While there are pros and cons to each license and jurisdiction within the UAE, the most basic advantage Mainland companies have over Free Zone companies is that Mainland companies can do business anywhere in and around the UAE and can also conduct business activities outside the UAE. Free Zone companies, however, are restricted to trading only within their specific Free Zone.

The list of spots that come under the Dubai Mainland is quite large, however, the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Deira – As one of the oldest localities in Dubai, it’s the perfect location if you’re looking to open smaller shops.
  • Al Qusais – A highly residential area, this locality is ideal if commercial setups are what you’re thinking of.
  • Business Bay – A highly developed area perfect for those who have higher funds ready to be invested. Business Bay houses a large variety of businesses with varying sizes and structures.
  • Al Quoz – It is most popularly known as an industrial area. Given its strategic location, Al Quoz will be your best bet if you want to launch a warehouse or factory.
  • Jumeirah – Ideal spot for those wanting to setup a business in the real estate and tourism industry as it attracts thousands of tourists on the daily.