Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

At Business Link they have a dedicated team of consultants has many years of experience in handling all types of PRO Services in Dubai and visa processing. With up-to-date knowledge of rules and regulations of immigration. We concentrate on different aspects of visa applications like family, employment, investor, housemaid, or nanny visas. Business Link, a number one business consultancy based in Dubai supports our clients on their visa services Dubai requirements. There are various sorts of visas available under UAE law, and it always depends on the visitor’s entry purpose to work out which sort of visa one should apply for. Moreover, the prerequisites and documentation procedures are often varied from one visa service to a different one. We provide professional and economical visa services in Dubai for family or residence visas, employment, investor, housemaid, or nanny visas.

Types of Visa Services

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are a number of different types of visas which are applicable to you depending on your reason of staying within the country. These are:

Residence / Family Sponsorship Visa

If you have family relations here inside the UAE, It allows obtaining a residential visa which is subject to certain conditions regarding the individual itself.

The residents of the United Arab Emirates can bring their spouses, parents, and children depending on the rules and regulations of the corresponding Emirate. However, as per the UAE government, there are certain terms & conditions. That needs to satisfy regarding their designation, monthly salary, and other rules depend on individual circumstances.

Employment Visa

For job-seekers seeking better career prospects in Dubai, an employment visa will be your ticket towards a successful application within the local industries.

For all foreign nationals seeking employment in UAE registered companies require an employment visa to work here. The employment visa requires approval from the UAE Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and it is issued by the Immigration Department. At Business Link UAE, we support our clients for corporate employment visa processing.

Investor / Partner Visa

This specific visa requires by prospective new business owners or investors looking to partake within the local economy and markets for new incorporation.

The UAE government offers an investor visa that entitles the holder to live and work in the UAE for up to three years. An investor visa is for foreign nationals seeking to new business setup or invests in any existing business in Dubai. In order to get an investor or partner visa, you must first pre-qualify and may be required to submit some security deposit.

Mission Visa Dubai, UAE

Different people visit Dubai for a plethora of reasons. The most preferable type of visas here is the UAE Mission Visa. This type of visas applicable to existing companies in the UAE that has a short project.

The employee has to be outside the country before the appointment UAE ministry of labor’s office. An offer letter has to be sent to him first to sign and agree in advance with salary and profession assigned to an employee. An attested graduation certificate is a must for higher professions.

Housemaid / Nanny Visa

For people looking to work as a housemaid or even a day-care nanny. This visa permits them under a local sponsor or employer. Sponsoring a maid or nanny is open to families living in Dubai.

However, there are certain criteria and formalities for sponsoring a housemaid visa. The rules vary from one Emirate to another in the UAE. Families require professional assistance. Who can guide them through the complete process of getting nanny or housemaid visas?

Planning your stay here in Dubai may seem quite straightforward and easy for the uninitiated. However, visitors in Dubai are required to obtain specific visa types pertaining to their reasons for staying in the city. This is especially true if you are looking to create a new business setup in Dubai. Here in the city, a prospective business owner will be looking to obtain a residency visa. To oversee the new company formation in Dubai with the various types of visas available in Dubai. visa services dubai


Choose that you want to apply through Embassy or an Agent:

You need to select whether to apply for the visa directly with any Local UAE Embassy or employ services with a special agent offering visa services. If you are looking to apply personally with any UAE Embassy near you. You will have to prepare the documents requires beforehand and submit them along with the required fee charges.

If you decide to hire a professional agent, things can become much faster and convenient for you. With all the essential processing being done by them on your behalf. You can already start looking forward to planning ahead regarding your company set up in Dubai, after that.

The Visa Type:

You must recognize which type of visa you are looking to obtain for your stay here in Dubai. Here, you will require advice on which will be suited towards your current need in your efforts of incorporating a new company in Dubai. Herein, you will be looking at potential stays for up to 3 years depending on the approved visa application by the local authorities.

Here, visa requirements will vary depending on whether you are any of the following:

Citizen of the United States of America,  non-USA countries (around 53 countries), GCC countries, or any other nationalities

With all distinct variations of visas, each comes with different document requirements. The policies pertaining to your eligibility of staying here in this wonderful city. Nevertheless, general documents are commonly requested by all visa processes.

It can be summarized as below:
Passport copies of a local sponsor (colour)
Passport copies of the individual (colour)
Copy of salary voucher or employment contract (if needed)
Certificate of family relationships (if needed)
Personal traveling insurance
Copy of flight reservations
Bank’s approval letter (if needed)
Passport photographs (colour)
Payment receipts of visa fees
Visa application form

With these in mind, it is quite clear that you will have to plan and prepare ahead of schedule to ensure a hassle-free experience for your stay here in the city.

Medical Check-up:

You will also require to perform a medical check-up on your current well-being and healthy development. This generally not as comprehensive as a dedicated hospital check-up, although it is a valid requirement by the local authorities to justify your current health in entering the UAE.

Once you have successfully passed your medical, you will then allow bringing all the documents prepared earlier for your visa to be stamped. And after that is done, you can now officially allow to enter and stay in Dubai to continue your endeavors on creating a low-cost business setup in Dubai.