How to Get E-Cigarette and Vape License in Dubai?

The government of Dubai under the Department of Economic Development (DED), UAE has introduced a new activity called “Electronic commerce of cigarettes and accessories” within the group “Trade of tobacco and tobacco”. This activity would be registered in the Emirates of Dubai and will allow investors to legally trade E-cigarettes in the local market. License in Dubai

License in Dubai

E-Cigarette and Vape License

It is a commercial activity that includes the resale of electronic cigarettes that are electronic devices that work by heating a liquid called e-juice that generates steam that is inhaled by the user. Electronic juice may or may not contain nicotine. The electronic cigarette is intended to simulate the experience of smoking cigarettes and hookahs and can help people quit smoking.

ESMA Approval

Until now, it was not legal to sell electronic cigarettes in Dubai. But from mid-April 2019, the sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices will be allowed in Dubai. Product approval will govern by the Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA). This movement will ensure the testing of ingredients and restrict the use of prohibited substances. Therefore, it will protect the health and safety of the public.

This move will also discourage the purchase of unregulated products widely available online. Under the recent regulation, it will cover all standard nicotine electronic products, which use as an alternative to traditional cigarettes such as electronic shisha, electronic cigarettes, electronic pipes, vaping devices, and liquid refills.

Now, all manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of these battery-powered products will have to approve their ESMA products.

License in Dubai

Register Vape business in Dubai

The new regulations will allow the legal sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices in the UAE for the first time.

Manufacturers may sell battery-operated products as long as they meet the new standards and have health warnings similar to traditional cigarettes.

The Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority confirmed the measure on Sunday. The new rules, known as UAE.S 5030, allow the sale of electronic cigarettes, electronic pipes, shisha electronic devices plus liquid refills.

Electronic cigarettes expect to be available in stores beginning in mid-April, authorities said. Its estimates that the electronic smoking market value at more than $ 10 billion worldwide.

“Vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco, but we don’t know to what extent,” said Dr. Arun Arya, a pulmonologist at the NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City. “The inhale particles of electronic cigarettes are very thin and deeply absorbed in the lung tissue. We are not sure of the long-term damage that this is causing.

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